A Divine feeling

Just a few lines for my didi. Many-a-times you feel Angels and God around you giving you messages that you don’t understand. But after coming in contact with you, I have been always blessed with the divine messages through your readings which have helped me through every thick & thin giving me a pathway to follow connecting me indirectly to the spiritual world. I trust and believe your readings whole heartedly, they are the words of God. Thank you for always helping me and other souls by driving out their hand from darkness into the white light and helping us to walk over the path of enlightenment. All the best for future endeavors. Certainly, The Angels speaks through you.

Ankita Agarwal

Thank You

Kirti gave me a reading from a photograph of my brother who has passed away, her reading was precise and accurate, things only my brother knew she remarked on. it was wonderful to know he is around me. Kirti also continued to stay a friend through the power of the internet and I believe she has been sent a gift to help guide her towards helping others . I can not thank her enough for her reading but her friendship is invaluable as well xx

Sandra Webling

Learnt Reiki

I have learn reiki, it was a good experience and a very helpful thing to learn… The workshop with Ms. Kirti was very informative. The attunement process was up-lifting and I felt like flying in sky. I am thankful to her for helping me till date for any help I want. Thank you Kirti.


Very friendly support

About a reading with Kirti @ Spiritual Curatives was the best thing. I was going through a time where I needed some light on which path I need to follow to turn everything right. I wanted peace in my career and life. So I connected to Kirti through her page on FB. I emailed my detailed problem to her and she promised to revert me within 1 weeks time. I was waiting for my reading. In 4 days, I received a beautiful Tarot Cards Reading by Kirti in vibrant PDF format. The cards had angelic pictures and their description she had written were so appropriate.

She gave me a path to follow to find peace in my life. And she, in her friendly way asked me to follow each and every step in the message to get tranquility. It was so helpful. I had a reading in starting of this year, and I am following the tips Angels sent through KIRTI for me. I got so much clearance in all these months. Due to the PDF format of my reading, I had saved it on my smartphone, so that I can read it anytime.

Thank you, Kirti for your help.


Thank you for helping me

I when first saw my guardian angel with bare eyes , I never believed in angels but how and what happened could never have been revealed to me if i would not have met Ms.Kirti Handa. She guided me and made me believe in what I actually saw,provoking me to learn more about angels, today after having angelic readings and therapy being conducted under Ms. Kirti , I have been able to get my path clear about career and life and have been able to live a positive life and taking her as my idol I have been doing therapies , having only her guide me through them as well.

Chaitanya Mishra

Received BYOH and working on it.

I saw about the new service BYOH on FB and was eager to know how I can heal myself with help of this service. So, when it got launched I hit the contacts button and ordered it on the same day. Spiritual Curatives asked me to wait for 15 days for my report, at the time of ordering the service. To my surprise I received a copy of an e-book styled PDF report in my inbox within 5 days. To Kirti, I had read this twice and it is somehow appropriate. I loved the meditation you included and am trying to do that. I believe that this service is the best one. Thank you very much.

Scarlet Wilson

Thank you for help Kirti…

BYOH – Be Your Own Healer, a miraculous service strapped me with the healing techniques & also connected me with the Divine Angels. Initially, I was too curious to know how this service is going to benefit me. After getting information and clearing my queries, I was too sure to get this service with a thought of expanding the “Live in Light” phrase that Spiritual Curatives is themed on. As soon as I got my report, it made me feel as if it is some report card of mine which has all solution to my problems as to ‘How I am going to serve my future from NOW and make it more and more brighter’. Certainly the report was very detailed, descriptive and to-the-point. Necessary information was written in the pages which really made me feel that I am surrounded by Angels who wants to call them to receive their help and are giving me divine guidance or messages from heaven. I could easily connect to the Archangels. I started following the custom-made meditation and honestly I could bathe every day in bliss & joy. It is almost these kinds of days now where I no longer worry about my future or prick over my past and be sad over my choices but know that each passing day I am growing stronger within. Things that I used to blame no longer worries me as this connection showed me slowly and steadily that things which were not meant for me were really Angel’s way of assuring me that ‘Much better things are kept aside for my future’.. Thank you Kirti for helping me become a ‘Peaceful & Powerful soul.


Thank you Kirti

Thank You so much, I got to know about this service from my friend, she told me about the magic she felt after coming in contact with Kirti di. That time when she guide me about all this, my life was very negative and dull, I really needed some magic that can uplift my confidence towards my own life…Kirti di through her service {BYOH} and support really added spark into my life. I have gained my smile. I have started loving myself.Thank you so very much for you support and help.

Ishu Gupta

A novel experience

Be Your Own Healer {BYOH} service was a very novel experience for me. I thought to open the treasure chest to know future holds and how to present problems can be resolved. As soon as I got the report and started working upon it in detailed it left me a positive sparkle over me. Indeed, it made my thoughts changed from dark to light, from heaviness to lightness and from negative to affirmative.

From customised meditation, i had gained the energy wave of “stop worrying” as now I know that things may take time in getting better but at a later stage they are going to be fine and much better than our thoughts. It was nice to have a service done by you.

Thank you Kirti for your help.



Thanks so much for the article.Much thanks again. Great.


thank you for inspiring

Thank you so much. Your Wednesday Wisdom works great for me this time. i.e. I AM PERFECTION OF GOD. While doing meditation, I found an interest to write some lines on this affirmation and very soon I gave it music during the meditation. It’s so interesting. thanks a lot.

Veenus Mehra

I had a reading done

I had a reading done through Kirti very recently, & I’m still recovering from what it had to say….. Maybe at a subconscious level, i knew it all to be true but just needed a third person to confirm it. It was indeed a very interesting experience as it was my very first one. After Kirti’s reading, I feel more equipped to walk on my path. It’s reassuring and makes you feel that you are never alone. Kirti is very gifted and blessed and has certainly guided me towards the light. Thank you very much, Kirti.


Hi Kirti, I was google-ing

Hi Kirti, I was google-ing through experiments with crystals and bumped into your website. Felt really good hearing your life story as I too have through same feelings about life. I too am interested in spiritual stuff and try to devise experiments to come out with results and always thinking about the science behind the spiritual happenings. just wanted to express my feelings, I though you would be the right recipient. what I felt through out the ages I lived was the hollowness in what we learnt. As I grew I started believing more in living close with the nature. Today it is common understanding that we humans have technologically advanced a lot using our machines etc but I believe from within that when we become one with the nature itself we would be able to evolve into higher species and would be able to heal ourselves quicker and faster without any things. I always believed in EVOLVING as a human to a super human by means of meditation and not just evolving in your career. Today we are teaching kids to move away from nature and go into the world of money, ambitions aspirations than just knowing your true nature and who u are. I don’t know where we are heading as a human race but for surely not at all evolving into something higher. I just found someone like me in you hence writing such a big story. I have still lots to share but some other day.


Lovely reading

The other week I had a short oracle card reading with Kirti. The cards she drew were spot on and her message was crisp and clear. She gave me some beautiful insights. Thank you so much!



I have not checked in here for a while since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend.


A helpful career reading

I recently had a career reading from Kirti as I was interested in seeing what insight it would provide. The reading was positive and hopeful, and I have since taken some action that I feel happy about. Thank you! Katie

Katie Gannon

Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

Kirti is a very gifted intuitive coach. Working with her was a delight as she embraced me with sincere care. I used to struggle with low self-esteem, which prevented me from launching my own business as a yoga instructor, a women’s circle facilitator, and a healer. As a result, I could not attract my first clients. Kirti’s unique approach came from her intention to help me overcome my blockages which did not let me realize my fullest potential and appreciate my inner gifts. With her channeled messages and her custom-made meditations, she helped me clear any resistances and doubts about my self-worth and so my first clients and women’s circles started manifesting. As an empath myself, I enjoyed her intuitive guidance, because it made me feel that finally, someone understands me deeply. Overall, I felt safe and held.

Ioanna Margaroni

It was like Clarity at the end of the tunnel.

“I had ordered Kirti’s services earlier so, as soon as I saw this offer of her Spiritual Coaching I ordered it. It worth more than thousands of $$$.

Well, I started with my issues in the relationship and she cleared each and every point so easily and swiftly that I felt relaxed even after our first call. She taught me the meaning of releasing the past. It was awesome. The Meditation she walked me through helped me to relax and reach the highest state of tranquility.

It felt like she shines some light over me that cleared all the frustrations in life. I felt more at peace and ease. Her coaching style is different, intuitive and friendly. She felt like a loving angel showering love over you to find peace. I just loved her friendly yet professional approach. And she didn’t have any set rules or points in her coaching. Her intuitive coaching style is a great help for me. She is the right person for me and anyone who desires helpful guidance to clear the issues in their life.

Thank You Kirti.”


A lot of the time

A lot of the time I feel like I am on the right path and as if I have spirit helping me, but I also question whether it is all in my head sometimes. Kirti connected with my guides and conveyed their messages to me which were exactly what I had felt and discounted so many times. It was a beautiful conversation and I know that I am truly on the right path and just need to have faith and keep going. Thankyou Kirti! I will forever remember the beautiful heart that you described and will envision it whenever I need that reminder to keep me going! ❤?

Shari Ware

Mini reading


I just had a mini reading with Kirti, Kirti stated that it was the first time she felt the angels were with me and sending messages from my side. I could feel their energy buzzy around my head. I have to say I have not spent much time connecting recently. Kirti gave me some breathing exercises to do and reminded me to slow down and connect again and ask for guidance. I feel clearer now and more relaxed after just having breathed. Thank you Kirti for reminding me that my angels are always here and ready to help.


Mini reading with kirti

I had a mini reading with Kirti today she made me feel so at ease and was spot on with what she told me.
I feel so calm and uplifted she was amazing
I would have highly recommended her to family and friends
What a beautiful soul xxx

Linda Kizilboga


Thank you so much for your healing words today. It was a true blessing to have been able to connect with you. I can still feel your energy flowing in me. Your energy and peace is a true gift and I’m so glad you shared it with me today. Thank you

Allison Bayliss

I had a Skype session

I had a Skype session (30 minutes 1:1 session) with Kirtti, on moms tackling work and children. Kirtti’s advice has been most useful. Kirtti was able to pick up that all my children were sensitive, she was able to give me advice that specifically suited each of my children’s personalities, my house is a lot calmer, my children a lot happier and I can now accomplish so much more. Kirrti’s advice has been truly divine.

thank you Kirtti xx

Azalea Rose

What a wonderful and uplifting experience

Kirtti has been a delight to work with. She has a beautiful soul. Working with her is easy, like I’ve known her for a long time. She has the ability to find the good in every situation. When I consulted with her, she identified the blockages in my life. And she helped me release the negative energy that I didn’t know was keeping me from moving forward. Thank you for your help. Continue to share your light!

Kathrina Joyce Salonga


I have no words to explain.

I was stuck in the belief that I can’t charge the amount what my heart wishes for. I booked a 1-hour session which turned out to be a friendly chit-chat with Kirtti. During this time she walked me through a mini-meditation which changed something big in me.

I had a client call the very next day and I had a great time talking swiftly without any fear or previous beliefs.

The mindblowing thing was that I was booked by the client for $15,000. I went from $435 to $15,000 after just one session with Kirtti.

I am so thankful for her and her support. I recommend her to everyone who wishes to break all the boundaries which are stopping them to prosper.

Thank you so much.

Jade Brown

Thank you for ‘Inner Child Story’ !

I was lucky enough to be gifted an Inner Child Story and I was so impressed by what I was presented. It was unique and beautifully written to make me feel I was living every moment that was spoken. The presentation was divine and I am going to be forever grateful to have received my Inner Child Story. With love and peace xoxo

Rebecca Thew

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