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But why?

Because One single step taken each day can change your life forever.

One day a lady called and asked me to give her one magic step that can transform her life.

I told her my magic word "Surrender".

She laughed loudly and said, "Are you kidding me, Surrender can't be a magic step."

I asked her to try it at which she failed.

She came back and asked me to guide her.

She booked me for a month and we talked nothing but Surrendering.

She was an elderly lady who was totally drenched in materialistic things. That was the first time she worked on something spiritual.

But by the end of one month, she shouted loudly on our FB Messenger call, "You bet it, This is really a Magical step. Keep it a secret and give it to only a few, 'coz that's a million dollar Step."

I loved her approach and concern, but that was when I wrote the guidebook for a Freebie bundle for my friend website.

And later I thought of sharing it with the whole world.

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"3 Master Steps to Surrender without struggle"

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