Angel Readings


Are you stuck in a problem? Are you confused about what next?

There may be many difficult situations in life, where you might feel bewildered. You may feel like you need someone to help you . Or Someone who could give some guidance about what path to follow. Maybe you want a validation for all the intuitive answers you are receiving.

If so, then this reading is for you. An Angel Reading is perfect for you if you want a divine guidance.

Profound Tarot Guidance


This is perfect for exploring multiple options and seeking direction in a relationship, career, life in general or any other difficult situation. It provides an in-depth view into a complex issue, using between 5 and 10 Tarot cards. It can also answer multiple questions on different topics, such as “Where am I heading in my love life, career and health?”

I recommend asking 2-3 questions for this type of Tarot reading. Questions to ask for the Tarot reading, like:

∞ I am considering a career change. How can I go about transitioning my career?

∞ I am a single mother, I feel guilty of moving to any new relationship. What could I do?

WARNING: I provide Guidance through Tarot cards. I do not provide any Predictions.

New Year or Birthday Reading

The New Year / Birthday Tarot Reading offer insight into the year that is ahead.

It looks at the lessons to be learned, the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead and where to focus for your best outcomes.

This 12- 15 card Tarot reading is perfect for a birthday or at the beginning of the New Year.

You can also gift this reading for your near and dear ones.

I will also calculate your Personal Year number, based on your birth date, and share with you what this means for the year ahead.