About Kirtti + Spiritual Curatives

The Facts : The Short story

Spiritual Curatives and Kirtti are usually one.

But sometimes these two become two different aspects of one person.

Whatever you receive at Spiritual Curatives is the guidance provided by Divine helpers + Universe for which Kirtti is a medium.

Who is Kirtti?

The family life of Kirtti:

  • Born on 28th June 1984 as an elder child to Kamakshi and Avinash Sharma.
  • Being a girl after a gap of one generation in the whole family she was loved like a princess.
  • She was called Golden birdie {Son Chiraiya in Hindi} by her Grandfather.
  • She was treated as a princess since childhood by her grandparents, parents, and her father’s two brothers.
  • Almost everyone around her loves her.
  • She graduated in Bachelors of Art from Delhi University.
  • She also got Diploma in Multimedia course.
  • She worked as Graphic + Web Designer from 2004 till 2006.
  • She got married on 10th December 2006.
  • They became parents to Yashas Handa 11th December 2009.
  • She started Spiritual Curatives as Spiritual Reiki Hands in 2010.
  • Later, change to Spiritual Curatives as an online place to get guidance from Divine.
  • Spiritual Curatives and Kirtti are always evolving personalities so you can expect changes on this website too often.

Some additional facts about Kirtti:

  • She helped her friend as a life coach when she was in 9th grade i.e. 1999 and as 15 years old. {at that time she or anyone around her didn’t know what a life coach was}.
  • She is a Certified Reiki Grandmaster since November 2006.
  • She strongly believes that there is only one Grandmaster of Reiki and that is Sensai Mikao Usui. And so, she always calls herself Reiki practitioner or Reiki healer.
  • Also, she believes that Reiki should not be bound into the lineage and refuse to initiate anyone who inquires about Reiki Linage. Because she feels that Reiki is not bound to lineage but it is what you can do with your power to heal.
  • She got attuned by Universe during a Reiki Class while attuning a student for scanning the chakras + energy field by her hands in June 2010.
  • She is an Energy Field Detector.
  • She brings only Positive GUIDANCE {not prediction} through Tarot cards and Oracle cards.
  • She also gets guidance by connecting Ascended Masters, Angels and Guardian Angels of others.
  • She is a channel for Codes of Light by Arcturian Council.
Spiritual Curatives

Hidden Secrets about Kirtti:

  • She is a Claircognizant and Clairsentient since childhood.
  • She has a glimpse of many normal life events before they occur.
  • She used to think that she was mad or she imagine things that someone is going to say those specific words. So she never shares about her gifts to others.
  • Feelings are very important for her.
  • Being a highly sensitive child {Indigo Child} since birth it was difficult to feel the real and pure power of LOVE which exists in the higher realms.
  • She feels empty about receiving LOVE throughout her life. And dreaded to go back to her real home i.e. the spirit world.
  • She had been helping many since then in finding the solutions to their problems.
  • Her father’s death on 4th July 2012, brings in the quest to reclaim her dormant gifts.
  • And she meditated to receive the gift of higher intuition.
  • She later learn – reading Tarot cards, Oracle cards, connecting to Angels, Archangels and Spirit Guides.
  • She had helped 4 spirits to move on to the next realm via her telepathic and clairsentient gifts.
  • She works closely with Archangel Michael and Uriel.
  • She craves to bring unconditional LOVE in everyone’s life.
  • She had tried almost everything she could. She can – draw, paint, craft, crochet, cook, dance, tried making her own lipsticks, bind notebooks and almost have some way to finish up the things. She had been called All-Rounder by those who know her.
  • She has a great love for colors and writing freely.
  • She can bring solutions to all of your problems.

The life story of Kirtti: The Long story

I was born as the eldest child and that’s too a girl after one whole generation. I was being loved and pampered throughout my childhood. Getting older and understanding what the school is, was never easy for me. I felt trapped in the school, with all the books which I felt useless. I felt like something is missing. Mathematics was the scary part of being a student. I never got it why I had to study difficult numbers.


The more I tried to get some reasonable marks in school, the more I felt like I am wasting my time. My heart used to scream to this world that why cannot you see the real meaning of living. Slowly, I realize that no one can hear my heart and I could not run away from studies. For all my life I tried to be an average student who just loves languages and stories. I even loved to learn Sanskrit till class 9th. For me getting high scores was so waste. I always felt like I was not meant for studying. For all these years I tried to break this cage and fly away, but it was hopeless. While growing up, I used to daydream about flying. I loved everything that is magical. I always imagined to had wings and they were beings taken away.

After school, I joined a multimedia course while continuing my graduation side by side. In the year 2003, I wanted to learn Reiki. In 2004, my mom and I got our Hands – on – healing degree of Reiki from our Reiki guru Mrs. Suresh Gandhi. I practiced it for 1 year. Later that year, the routine got so messed up because of my job, that I was not able to practice Reiki.

My parents were the followers of Arya Samaj. All the ideas of God were different for me from the world.

From 2004 till 2006, I changed almost 5 or 6 jobs. I was never clear about what I was meant for. I started as a receptionist to a graphic designer. I finally found a little peace in being a web designer. But jobs never are able to satisfy me. For me, money never matters [that was due to my parents love for us, they never insisted on working for money]. For me the job had to be a paying medium, but only if it is done from the heart. I was again tucked in a place where I wanted to be, but with my own rules.

I got married in 2006 and so, I left the job. Before marriage, I became Reiki Grand Master. After marriage, I kept doing Reiki. It took us to create our baby almost 2 and half years. I was a little depressed when nothing magical happened. I still kept doing Reiki. It was a true companion during those low times. It helped me in busting away the depression. And finally, after 3 years, in 2009 a little bundle of joy, our son Yashas, had born. I continued Reiki during my pregnancy. Even after the birth of Yashas, I continued Reiki to him.

Later, the real magic started. In 2010, my mom had a Reiki class at her home. She wanted me to do attunement. But I wasn’t sure if it would happen. Even after being a Grandmaster in Reiki, I never attuned anyone. I was not ready to do any attunement until I got a hunch to do by itself. I was waiting for that little magic. And that happened. I prayed and thanked God for helping me in my first attunement. When I started attuning my sister’s friend, everything happened itself. The process I was doing was not the one that I had learned or read. My hands were moving. I felt the great source of energy around me. The thing occurred and there was a real opening of my crown chakra. The magic I was waiting for so many years began to work. After that, I was sure that it’s time to start my own practice. On my father’s insistence, I started Reiki teaching and healing at my home. I posted ads on Google.

I continued practicing Reiki after that. People used to come to me or call me to get the solutions of their problem. At first relatives and friends seek out my help. And later my Reiki students started calling me to get help from me. This helping work was totally free. And I realized that I had this power of getting solutions of people’s problem since I was in school. I remember helping my friends. Although at that time the number was small, but now the number of people seeking out my help became a little bigger.

With all this growing on the spiritual path, life showed me many ups and downs. My father was always there to be with me in my problems. My father always insisted me to learn anything new. When I bought my first Tarot Deck, he was the only one who was happy. My Father asked me to practice more and more. I now realize that he was a real mentor of my spiritual path. Spiritual growth not with the religious point of views, but the growth of my soul.

But, on 4th, July 2012 came the real low time for us. After 12 days on the ventilator, my father passed away. In these 12 days, he was prayed for, by so many people. We posted on social networking sites to people to send Reiki and prayers for him. When he passed away we all broke up. Our belief in God moved off for some time. But Reiki helped us to get over this pain a little faster. My mom, sister and I miss him, but we got sober after a few months only.

Then happened something different. I never thought that I would miss my father that much, that I would go on a quest of meeting him again. After his death, I wanted to meet him again. In August 2012 when I returned back home from mom’s place I started searching the ways to connect my father again. I found out that psychics help in getting messages from deceased people. I connected a few groups on Facebook. One day a loving lady was online. I posted the last picture of my father with me. She started Photo Reading and whatever she was saying, was all true. She sent my father to me and I was crying, I felt as though he had hugged me. She passed on his message to me.

I wasn’t satisfied even after that beautiful reading. I wanted to connect him myself. I bought a book on how to develop psychic abilities. Within 1 month of this quest, I understood that I was already psychic and that I just had to develop my senses a little more. I came to know the names of my spirit guides. I started talking internally with them.

It was time for another magic. And in October, that happened. I did Automatic Writing, with the help of my spirit guides. I connected to the spirit of my father and asked him many things. After that message, I felt very calm. I know I wasn’t able to see him again, but I knew at the moment that I could connect with my father anytime I want. Slowly, I started developing on this path.

I found out a beautiful lady Natasha Chamberlin while searching the internet. On her website, I found lessons on how to develop as a psychic. I started reading each chapter and meditated. Bit by bit, I got confidence that I am getting my so called powers back. The powers I was searching for, the whole of my life.


Within, one year after my father’s death I was so developed that I was not only connecting him but also connecting to my guardian angels and spirit guides. I had started reading photographs of deceased people to get their messages for their loved ones. With practicing, I was able to connect the wandering spirits and helped them to move on. I helped one to pass on the message to one of his past life loved one. Once he was sure that his past life love got his message, he moved on.

Today I am working as a professional Reiki therapist, Angel Tarot Card reader, Angels Oracle Card reader, Angel Therapist.

I am passing on the messages of Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to my clients. I am doing Photo-reading to get the messages for the loved ones of a deceased person. Connecting with the deceased spirits to help them move on.

The birth of Spiritual Curatives:

Spiritual Curatives is born out of love to share the spiritual knowledge with this world. It is a healing paradise where you can get answers to your questions.

I am here to help you find solutions to your problems. I am here to show simple yet powerful steps to change your life in an influential way. I am here to remind you of your free will and help you realize your personal power to create better future. I’m not here to predict your future or to tell you there’s nothing you can do about it.

In our Tarot readings, I will help you to explore the current energies that surround you and understand the likely consequences if you follow the path shown by the divine. You will feel empowered to make independent decisions towards a positive conclusion.

With these readings, you will get a clear knowingness about your potential and how you can manifest worthy effects in your daily life. You will get clarity of your challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead and how you can navigate these to create a better future.


In our Psychic and Angelic readings, I will call upon your Divine Helpers, sent by God, to get the influential hidden messages for you. They will tell you about your past fears and lives, present blockages and future steps to be taken, through my voice. With this reading, you will get the clear insight about the hidden meanings of your fears and blockages and great steps to overcome them.

Although, I am just 2 years old in readings of all kinds, but since my first reading I got the 80% to 90% accuracy. As a result of accurate + insightful readings and empathetic + decent approach, most of my clients love to return to me. You can read more about what clients have to say on the testimonials page.

I am a professional with genuine prices for my readings, but I still love to help anyone who cannot pay me, in an exchange of some love and anything he or she would love to give me for this reading.With lots of Love and White Light,

Live in Light,