How to make a hyperactive Empath child meditate?

The little empath kids who are highly sensitive usually absorb too much energy around them. They feel overwhelmed and so act hyperactive.

Many parents complained that it is difficult to keep these children calm for even few minutes. And that brings difficulty for parents.

Empath children don’t wish to sit quietly as they are full of questions and high levels of energy.

When they are so full of energy how can you expect a child to relax and sit calmly?

Well, finally I received the powerful and yet entertaining idea while doing a reading, to relax these super active children.

The children need some time to relax their mind so that they can later learn the skills of thoughtfulness easily.

When children are taught to be relaxed and calm their mind for few minutes they easily connect to the peacefulness. Later in life, these children can easily relax themselves at the time of high pressure and competition.

Meditation is the answer to any mind related pressure. And the kids who start meditating early can take best decisions as well.

Now let’s discuss a game that will help your child to learn this mindful technique.

You need to create a space where there are less noise and disturbance. Or if you can find a time when the disturbance is less.

For some preparations, you can use some incense which calms the child’s mind. The other option for fragrance is essential oils. Lavender is the calming fragrance which helps to relax easily.

Another addition is to play some soft music if your child/ren likes. Don’t play music loud even though you are playing the soft music.

These few things will set the mood of meditation even if your child isn’t aware of it.


So now let’s begin the game:

(This is the startup process and will take some time for your child to enjoy it. and at the end I will talk about this game if you have only 1 child)

So now the instructions are:

Ask your children to sit with their backbone straight.

Now they must take a deep breath. While inhaling they must count till 4 in their mind.

Ask them to hold for the count of 3 and then exhale.

They must exhale through their mouth slightly open as slowly as they can.

Now, this is pretty boring for kids.



Yes. But here comes the rule.

Every game has some rules and as I said this is a game here are the rules for this game.

Everyone including mom and/or dad will breathe deeply.

With one round of breathing will be counted in numbers inhale-hold-exhale.


Inhale-Hold-Exhale 1

Inhale-Hold-Exhale 2

Inhale-Hold-Exhale 3

Inhale-Hold-Exhale 4

Inhale-Hold-Exhale 5

And so on.

The elder will write each count as 1 and later add all the deep breaths.

Everyone has to keep eyes closed and do this as long as they wish to.

Now, the person who will have most counts will be the winner.

The maximum time is 5 minutes.

The first time tries to win so that your child will feel like competing you.

If your child feels sad or cries tell them that it’s okay and as you are older to them your count is higher.

Ask them that you will practice this again the next day and s/he have to try to win.

Even though there is a competition, yet you are installing a new thing where they will relax their mind for some time. Slowly change the game according to them.

Try to quit early, letting them win.

For single empath child

Now if you have a single child, make this a bit like a family game. Where friends can be included or where both the parents will compete and let the child sometimes win while sometimes lose the game.

If you are a single parent of a single child try to talk to a few friends or neighbor to see if they are interested. Create a meditation playgroup.

Bring your family and relatives who live nearby to do a weekly meditation game thing.

Try to figure out something that suits your child’s energy.

Now once they happily start doing a deep breath without any movements, change the game.

Ask them to keep breathing deeply as long as they want and then note the time.

This will be an upgraded game for them as they will try to relax as long as they can.

This little game is the starting point of meditation. Now you can upgrade or change the game according to your children.

After a few months, this will be a routine to start this game even though this is no more a game but a habit.

If your child doesn’t want to be a part of this game then play with other kids.

The same with a single child, play in front of them and make it a fun thing so that they will love to join the game.

Being a parent of an Empath child you have to find intuitive ways to bring them to the game.

Getting angry or frustration is not the way out of this situation.

Keep trying for a few days and then take a break before trying again.

If your child doesn’t agree to do so, start meditating in front of your child each day. So that they will see you and try to copy you.

The fun and important thing is the early your start with your child the better it is.

So, now that we have this awesome game come back again and tell me what you experience with your empath children?

If you have any questions or queries comment below to ask them.

Live in Light,



Kirtti is an Energy Alchemist who detects the negative energy of her clients and transform it into abundance with Spiritual Guidance. She is a Certified Life Coach. She is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Realm reader, Master NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotist. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card reader, Angel reader, Meditation Coach, Psychic and Medium. Her expertise is to bring on easy to consume and follow steps to come out of any problems.