Healing Story: How she healed her child?

A few months ago I talked about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and how to do it on my Facebook Live video. I had been doing EFT and talked about healing my eyesight with its help.

But when I heard my friend Cornelia’s story I was stunned.

I taught EFT to my 7-year-old son but what she did was amazing. She healed her 5-month-old daughter with EFT.

There are so many possibilities if you wish to heal anything. And here in the post, Cornelia shows that healing is possible for anyone and anywhere.

Read her story about what she did to heal her daughter.



Cornelia’s Story

“I truly believe that any disease can be cured and any trauma can be healed.

I have so many experiences of my own and my clients as a proof.

Today, I want to share with you one experience I had with my third baby after she was born.

When she was born, she had the umbilical cord three times around her neck.

Luckily for us, my husband (yes, he helped me deliver her – this is another story) was very present and he untied the cord around the neck.

I thought that it was over, but I have noticed that my little baby was afraid of the water.

It was something that caught my attention, as her older sisters didn’t have that problem.

When she was 5 months old, I wanted to try something with her.

I’ve used this technique so many times on myself and others, but never on babies. We were in the bathtub and she was crying so loud and wanted to get out of there.

I said “ENOUGH!”.

As she was crying I was tapping (using the Emotional Freedom Technique method) on her collarbone. I did that for 10 minutes.

After that, she easily started to play with her sisters in the bathtub. It felt like her fear of water was healed effortlessly.

Now she enjoys the water so much.

She loves going to the pool and is someone it’s taking a bath, she wants in the bathtub with that family member.

She is 20 months now and she never cried when she is taking a bath.

I healed my little girl because I was ready to bring peace in her life. It might seem a small step but each small step adds up to a giant lightened step for our children.

This is the power of healing a trauma.”


I know with experience that what Cornelia just told us is perfectly genuine because I used EFT to heal my eye sight.

The healing can take place anytime when you desire to mend all the issues in your life.

And there is nothing that can stop you then.

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About Cornelia: 


Cornelia is a Money Coach, Mentor, and Healer. She help women entrepreneurs who are tired of working long hours for little pay, how to make more money, have more ease and live a life they love


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Here is how Cornelia healed her daughter. We all can heal ourselves and our children if we wish to. We just need to know that everything is easy to learn and implement.

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