Channeled Message: How to attract self love?


Hey, Hello There,

I know you must have forgotten me. As I am no more posting any blog posts here.

It’s a long story short that I was working on myself.

This is because it is needed almost all the time to reconnect with yourself.

So, today I took the time to channel Goddess Kuan Yin. And this post is a channeled post. And in case you haven’t read my earlier Channeled posts then go here to the list of different channeled posts that can help you.




So here is the message:

“Love can bring eternity. You can feel that love by touching or smelling that flower or in the smile of that baby. You just need to know that love is everywhere. Love creates a ripple. It brings the smile on your face. It brings the happiness in your heart. And it brings the power and strength to take actions.

If you are looking for true love and feel stuck in showing love towards others then you must start with yourself. You are not showing love to yourself. As self-love is very important in your life to bring love into other’s lives. you have been harsh on yourself.

You think that money or growth in business will bring love into your life. No. you know that not even your loved ones can bring love into your life.

For this, you have to sit each day and admire one thing or aspect of your entity.

What is that one thing that can bring happiness to your face?

Are there things you can admire about yourself which is still hidden from others?

What is that one beautiful feature which no one ever admires?

There is so much beauty inside yourself. Just open your eyes not towards the world but to the inner you. look inside yourself to know the power of true love. The true love is just inside you. and it cannot find out in this world.

Slowly working each day regularly you will see how loving and powerful you are.

You are the real goddess living on earth. The one who can bring love to all those who feel left behind. You can raise that child of yours by only finding and acknowledging love inside you.

They will grow into loving being when all the mothers will able to love themselves first and then anyone else.

When you the earth goddess find love inside you and acknowledge it then you serve your family and this world with that eternal love which is trying to come out.

There is so much that can be created by just bringing that love out.”

It’s time to think about this message before moving forward.

There is a lot more we can learn from her. And this is just the starting. make sure to read it and try to understand the message. Self-Love is very important for self Growth.

And please let us know about your views about Self-Love.

Live in Light,




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