What actually in the world is soul family?

Hello, great soul.

It’s been too long since I wrote anything. I am feeling like what to write for so long.

I cannot complain about getting any ideas.

Because actually, I am at a point where I am creating this Spiritual Curatives family into a place where you could interact freely. And I am working on improving your experience.

Ok, let’s move on to our today’s topic.


Soul family

I was confused about soul mate and twin flame. When I started reading about this topic, I was more confused than clear.

I always thought that soul mate is someone you are in a romantic relationship with.

For so long my confusion never cleared.

And one day I interacted with a lady on the internet. We became friends and it was as though I knew her for as long as I am alive or far earlier.

We chatted and sometimes talked on Skype. Living in two different countries and continents.

The whole story about soul group/soul family/soul mate thing started clearing up.

And one day while I was meditating I saw the glimpse of our past life. We were together in some past life.

We were healers and were killed for helping people.

Such amazing insight.

And then I knew why we felt such attraction towards each other. We felt like soul siblings.

I started feeling like she is a sister I never met.

Well, that happens in the relationships which work at the soul level.

Just like a family on earth, we share same realm/ plane in the spirit world.

I can only feel this all….  how this might be working and I don’t want to include any information I might have read somewhere. This blog post is what I felt or learned through my own life lessons.

So, soul_family

In the spirit world, there are 7 realms, graded according to our karma. From negative {we call it hell} to positive {we refers it as heaven}. And we live on earth and then die and go to one of those realms.

Although each soul has totally different karmas, there are some souls whose journey is exactly the same. It is somehow same. Like the same pattern of hardships etc.

And we birth on different times on earth. But somehow these few souls have the same era of birth.

Like I had connected with a spirit {after his death} and I felt the connection with his soul. He and I might be in the same realm once when we were in the spirit world. And now on earth, he was almost 20 years older to me and we never met and he died even before I knew anything about him.

So clear, there won’t be any romantic feelings in these two examples. But at the soul level, I felt the sameness and as though I always knew both of them.

And now it is clear to me that there is a family at the soul level.

This group of spirit takes birth on earth according to their need or requirements and die on earth according to the time they choose. They usually or sometimes never meet the human form of those souls, but there is some who connect with each other to help each other grow.

I don’t know if you get what I want to explain, but there are possibilities that you cross ways just near one of your soul mate {mate here means friend and not to be taken at romantic level} and you feel nothing. soul_family_1

Or you might feel some great vibration.

These days internet gives you opportunities to meet your soul family member just like I met my friend in the USA.

She might not be my best buddy but we know that we could connect each other when we are upset. Our vibrations mostly give us some telepathic signals.

It happens many times till now that we send messages mostly at those moments when we need to share our heart. And usually, the other person telepathically feels that there is some pain or upsetting moment involved.

But we cannot say each attraction to be with someone in our soul group/family. There are people who just feel attractive just for some time and then this attraction went away.

This could be because you might be attracting people who are at same vibrations as you at this time.

Or might be you are an empath and attracting people who need help in their life.

Or that, these few people could feel attractive to you just because they had shared some of your past lives.

There could be many and enormous possibilities. But soul family members feel attraction at the vibrational level and at the soul level. These vibes are pretty powerful and positive.



There is a particular group of a spirit called Twin Flames. This is something pretty confusing and deep. I am still learning about this powerful group.

But what I learned till now about Twin Flames is that they are a part of the same spirit and take birth around the same time on earth. They have the most powerful attraction towards each other. Just like a magnet. They might be two different poles {just like a magnet} at behavior level or likings. But they are at the same level of spiritual learning and knowledge.

There is too much that could be written about twin flames and let me leave that topic for some other time {when I will accumulate more in-depth information about this types of spirit/soul relationships}.

So, I hope this all cleared a few of your confusions.

There is so much we could learn from the internet. But if you have any other questions comment in this post so that I could try to help you out.

Live in Light,



Kirti is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Realm Reader and NLP Practitioner. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Angel reader, Tarot Card Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Crystals Therapist, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor.