A twist in the Gratitude List

I love to try doing things that are weird. And sometimes I cross the limits. I experiment at my own level. And I love it.

I never believe in written instructions and that’s why I make my own rules. I learn new things and try to find something hidden in it.

Gratitude is just like that for me.



I learned Hindu form of prayers when I was a child. I think I was 7 or 8 then. I kept saying it until I realized that they have no impact on me. They cannot change my life. And one day I stopped praying at all.

And in 2004, I got attuned to the first level of Reiki. I learned the essence of gratitude but failed to understand the real meaning of it.

Later, one day I realized that gratitude is something I must learn about. I must read about it before the following Gratitude in my life.

I then read the words, “I thank God for being here.”

I kept saying this line and I felt a sudden rush of thankful vibes. It was amazing.

After it, I said, “I thank Reiki energy for being here.”  And the Reiki energy started flowing through me without any problem.

Later I said, “I thank myself for being here.” Until now these sentences were mere words. But as I said these words a few times I felt my heart being filled with peacefulness.

And that was when I knew the power of Thankfulness. Gratitude has vibrations.

Gratitude is the main part of any self-help book you would ever read. But until you realize its power, they are just words for you.

Gratitude is being thankful for anything and everything in your life.

It is, being thankful for your life.

Being thankful for your parents. To your siblings and to each and everyone who bring love in your life.

Gratitude is to be thankful for love in your heart.

It creates a ripple of good vibrations when we feel thankful from the depth of our heart. Law of attraction works hand in hand with gratitude. You bring positive in your life when you are thankful for everything and everyone.

Gratitude could be explained in thousands of words and still felt to be just a short description.

You might have read about gratitude almost everywhere.

Now, what’s different in this post?

There is a twist in the gratitude list in this post.

Till now you might have learned to be grateful for every good thing in your life. But today I will tell you what else you could be thankful for in life.

Twist in our gratitude list

As you know we must be thankful for everything in life then why should we be not thankful for painful moments?

You would say, “no ways they gave pain. Why should I be thankful for bad moments?”

You are right.

Bad moments bring painful memories and hurtful vibrations as well. So, why should we be grateful to the unpleasant incident in life?

Here is why….

Each bad happening brings pain in your heart and you feel bad about it throughout your life or until you learn to forgive the person.

We keep thinking of those hurtful moments now and then and this brings negative energy.

We think that one day we might forget that experience and person, but it never happens.


Awful events in a new Light…

Spend some time all alone in silence and check the things below.

Think why you got that hurtful moment in life. Think why you were hurt?

Now spend a few moments in solitude and ask yourself these questions.

Why were you hurt in the first place?

What had you learned from that incident?

What was the lesson hidden behind that painful event?

Can you see a pattern in your answers?

Can you see a lesson hidden behind the scenes that helped you grow into a better or tough human being?

Write these questions and try to answer without manipulating your feelings.

Write without thinking twice.

You can see a pattern of things in the answers you wrote. Those were the lessons behind the scenes.

You had gone through that painful episode in life just to learn that particular lesson.

Do this for each bad event in your life till now. Spend some time to see things with new perspective. See things in new light. You have to find the lessons hidden behind each event and figure them out.

Check the answer for the question – “What had I learned from this event {that particular happening}?”

Once you check and look carefully at all the sore incidents in life you will see that there was an important lesson behind each scene.


Back to Gratitude

So, once you are able to clear your mind and see those hidden lessons of life, you can say that we must be thankful for those events.




So, we must be grateful for those moments.

And so, we must add those moments of life to our gratitude list.gratitude list

I am including a funky and weird gratitude list worksheet for your new year. You can add your own moments and things you like. And add those events that made you strong in some way. these moments could be good or bad.

This gratitude list is different and will help you to be abundant…

{You can download and print out this free Gratitude list worksheet. Just click on this to open it in new window and print it or save it.}


See you later,

Live in Light,



Kirtti is an Energy Alchemist who detects the negative energy of her clients and transform it into abundance with Spiritual Guidance. She is a Certified Life Coach. She is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Realm reader, Master NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotist. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card reader, Angel reader, Meditation Coach, Psychic and Medium. Her expertise is to bring on easy to consume and follow steps to come out of any problems.