Raising Sensitive – Young Kids

By now you have many easy ideas to follow with your sensitive newborn and toddler.

Now, your child is getting older and goes to school.

His environment is changing. And so does his group of people is getting bigger.

Your child is learning new things. And adopting a new behavior.

This is an age when we could mold our children into a better being.

You are a parent and mentor to your child and you have to change for his sake.

There are some things you need to learn.


Sensitive Young kids {Age 8 – 12}


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1. Mind your language

You heard these words a lot of times from elders. And we preach our kids this same thing. When our child learns some foul language from a school mate we tell them that the word is bad. And usually, we ask him/her to stay away from those kids who use that language. But what do you do? You yourself use many swear words in normal life. Men usually use abusive language. Now, what will your child learn?

Sensitive children need to know why dad can use that bad language and s/he can’t. With sensitive children, you have to learn to mind your own language. Or you need to find a foolproof explanation for your words. The option is up to you. But the best thing is that you learn to use better words and control your anger. This will help your child to grow more positive. And you will be rewarded with more love being the best dad ever.


2. Find a positive solution

When the kids are young we spend more time teaching them how to write beautifully and softly. But, as they start learning bigger things we let them complete their problem themselves. You need to understand that your child will always be young for you. And that is why you must take some time out to help them with their homework.

Usually noticed that most sensitive children are a lover of arts. Any form of arts. They don’t understand the use of Mathematics in normal life and that is why they usually don’t like the difficult math’s problems or any subjects like that. I used to think that I was alone who hate math but now when I read more about sensitive kids I understand that almost all of them are lovers of art.

So, while your child is still young, start noticing his/her likings in school subjects. And never force them to go beyond the limit they want. When you would know the plus points of your child you could help him by motivating it.

No one could be best in all subjects. Every child or adult have one favorite subject. Try to find the best and least liked subjects of your kids. Help them to understand the difficult ones. And let them score only passing marks in the subjects they don’t like. Because whatever you want them to be in future they are born to follow their life purpose. So, be a friend and understand your child.


3. Tell the teacher

Most of us, parents, feel bad if our child does not perform well in school. Teachers’ complaint about your sensitive child that she never feels like present in class. He doesn’t finish his sums. And much more like that. But now that you read and learn more about your sensitive child it is time to teach the teachers about it. You need to be polite and calm while telling your children’s teachers about your child.

Believe me being sensitive is a very great gift. And once you appreciate this gift of your child you feel happy and empowered about telling others about this. After all, these sensitive children are far wiser than us. We just need to educate the world around them to help them grow as a positive child.

Note down the positive points of your child and tell it to the principal and teachers so that they can understand these things. If you love your child even a bit you would love to create a beautiful world for him/her. And there is no shame telling people that your child is still in connection with God and universal divine energy.


4. Show them the right path

When your child makes some mistakes don’t get angry. Calm yourself down and then tell your child the right way of doing that thing. Like if your child drops down his glass of milk, instead of shouting and getting angry calm yourself and tell your child to wipe the milk from the floor. Tell them that they created the mess and they have to clean it up. No shout and no harsh words. Just a little lesson which would let your child know that next time s/he spoils something s/he will clear it up and then let you know.

Nothing is more valuable than your child’s smile. So, find the positive ways and solutions for each problem created by your child. Each wrong step your child takes in life be their guide and show them how they can correct it. If you can teach them the ways to correct and accept their mistakes, then assured that you are raising your Sensitive child in a very beautiful way.


5. Explain in detail

Your sensitive children love details. And they won’t leave you that easy. If you want to tell something to your child you need to explain the consequences of that thing. Whatever you preach your child about; you need to tell them the pros and cons of that in detail.

When they know something in depth they don’t make the same mistakes. Or they won’t repeat the thing you said not to do. They need a perfect answer for everything they do. So it is better to be prepared to clear their doubts.  Doubtful minds never rest and before your child finds another place to get answers, help them like their guide.


6. Understand their point of view

For this, you need to talk to your sensitive child. Anything they do have a hidden meaning to it. So you need to ask them their point of view. They need to explain their point in anything. Even if it’s a mistake. Ask them the details and try to understand them. As I told you sensitive children are far wiser than us, that is why we need to understand them fully.

If you start assuming and teaching your sensitive child then they will grow as angry adults. They then won’t listen to you or believe your point of views. So, it is always better to ask your crying child the reason before scolding him for crying for no reasons. Because there is always a reason for everything your sensitive child does.


7. Teach them meditation

Although you should plant the seeds of meditation when they are younger, this is the right age for sensitive children to learn meditation. With meditation, they will learn to control their gifts. They would learn to stay calm during difficult situations. And meditation will help them to get connected with their Divine helpers.

Meditation is just the first step for Sensitive children, yet it is important to plant this seed as early in age as you can. It will keep your sensitive teenagers and adults away from alcohol and other drugs. Meditation is very powerful. You have to learn it before introducing them. And it is very important to teach your children the essence of Meditation.


8. Their Inner Voice

This age is perfect to find an appropriate mentor for your Psychic and sensitive children. A mentor could help your child to understand the voices they hear in their mind. Usually, kids are very pure hearted and connected to the universe.

They hear this Inner Voice regularly. But when they don’t get the needed guidance from elders they try to stop this voice in mind. This creates a cranky child. Because this voice always suggests the right things and the sensitive kids cannot tell about this voice to anyone as they feel that whatever we learn from our parents is the only truth. And we parents never taught them to listen to the voice of their heart. So this is important to help them learn this important part of their life. They could never run away from this Inner Voice. And this Inner Voice will be their perfect guide in adulthood.



So, parents, these are some new tools which you must try at this tender age. Your child is still learning and it is better to help them enter their true life path.

Slowly you will also learn to connect with your inner self and this is the best thing.

Before your child enters his/her teenage s/he must be prepared to tackle his/her immense powers. They are born to spread light around this earth. They are powerful light bearers. And today or later in life, they will be reminded their role by God.

So, why not start now. Help them accept these beautiful powers.

In our next post, we will learn about teenage problems of a sensitive teenager. Well, that post is a must because there is more important information you can teach your child at this age.

I will tell you about more powers sensitive have and what parents must understand about it.

It is time to just relax now and reread this current post and you can also re-read the past posts about Sensitive Newborns and Sensitive Toddlers.

Read more books and articles to understand these points and if you have any questions you can freely comment under or contact us.

Live in light,



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