Raising Sensitive – Toddlers

Hello Mates,

Last time, we read a little about little sensitive babies. If you haven’t read about them then read it here.

Today we will look at a few more points on raising sensitive children. And today it’s about toddlers.

For them you need to carry on with the same rules I discussed in our last post.

Toddlers also need Love, routine and shielding.

So you need to carry on those rules with these ones.

Let’s move on…

Raising Sensitive Toddlers {age 3 – 7}


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1. Be consistent about your rules

As already told that your sensitive child can sense your energy, you need to be consistent in raising them and with your own rules.

Normally children won’t question you when you preach them not to lie and you yourself lie in front of them. Whatever the scenario is, your sensitive child will not spare you.

If you made a rule, not to lie {or anything else}, you cannot lie in front of her. She is not like normal kids.

She is a detector of your energy and would ask in front of others about why you lie.

A normal child will just learn to lie like you, but a sensitive child will hate your lies.

Because firstly, you broke a rule. And secondly, they hate liars, bad people, bad energies, those who abuse or use abusive language and anything negative.

I know it is pretty hard in this era, not to lie. But better make tangible rules. Like you need to tell them that he could lie on small things.

Actually, you won’t need to say much they will learn faster from your behavior.


2. Never say “You can’t”

We were raised in a different era. There were people around us who told us that our big dreams are next to impossible. But, it is different now.

We as elders know that everything is possible if we feel passionate about that.

And so, never say “You can’t” to your sensitive child. Instead, motivate them in everything by saying “I know baby you can do it. You are so strong and big now”.

So, if your little child says that he cannot dance/sing like his classmate in playpen/school, tell them that they can dance/sing a little bit if they try.

Actually, try to remove NO from your normal sentences or from your upbringing style. A “NO” could ruin the fun and sensitivity of your baby angel.

Try to change all those things that your child feel “he can’t” to “I know you can, baby.”

Motivate them to try. And appreciate them.



3.  Appreciate them

This is very important. Like every other child, your sensitive child needs confirmation that he is doing good.

If you child has bad writing in school, don’t de-motivate her. Tell her that she will improve with time if she keeps trying to write beautifully.

Appreciate their little victories because most of the sensitive children are an introvert.

And introvert needs appreciation to open up. And they will take a little longer to open up in public.

They feel shy about talking in public. They are less enthusiastic about speaking on stage, etc.

Don’t force them into these things because they take their own time to open up.

And if you will force them about being a part of some recitation competition then they will keep getting back to their hideout. This lower their energy.

So if they are not ready to speak in front of others just don’t let them.

Appreciate what they do in front of family. And keep motivating them by slowly broadening their count of audience {area of comfort for speaking in front of others} by introducing close relatives.

Don’t ask them to open up in front of others forcefully. This will pack them back to a box.

They need time and love to open up.


4. No fake rewards

Give me a break guys. Do you still bribe to behave well in public?

Seriously, I am sorry to say but you need some books to read on parenting.

Guys and gals, please take this seriously. Never bribe a child for any bad behavior.

Same goes for your sensitive children. They learn faster than most kids.

They will learn this wrong approach and could be a pain in the neck because they will know your pin point and they would learn to rule you.

You are parents, the boss, and their idol, remember.

Next time, your child misbehaves, do not bribe but, be strict and tell them the correct behavior.

You need to learn the correct approach to tackling the kid’s tantrum.

Read more books about positive parenting.

If your child misbehaves just hug him and say, “You are the best baby and I know you will act like my best baby.” You can use these kinds of sentences before going somewhere. And if the child behaves nicely then give them rewards of kisses and hugs.


5. Ready for unlimited questions

As I already told you your sensitive child knows much more than you ever remember about telling them.

Your lovely little sensitive child will feel like a question monster.


Because they have so many questions like “Mommy who is inside that make our body work? ” and you will feel like google for the answer. You need to explain to them that spirit is something that lets our body work.

Difficult questions will start pouring at any time when your child starts speaking.

They want to know why that dog barks and why lizards don’t fall down. All those science questions you feel difficult to answer.

And then like me, you will end up either getting angry or google-ing up.

Whatever you answer them, this is just the starting. They ask difficult questions about our existence which most of the kids never thought of.

So to answer them, tell them to wait till you finish up your work in hand and meanwhile google your answer to explain them in detail.

{The question above was what my son asked me when he was 4 and half years old.}


6. Holistic Healing

Your child is sensitive to energy and medication as well.

And as they absorb lots of negative energies they get sick most of the time. Some of them carry forward normal genetic allergies from their parents.

So, to treat them, do not use allopathic medicines.

Better use something soothing and easy.

Homeopathy, Acupressure, and other natural healing modalities are best to choose from.

There are lots of energy healing techniques like Reiki, pranic healing which proves to be the best healer for these sensitive children.

Essential oils, flower therapy, herbs, and crystals could also be used for healing.

Search online to find which could be a great option for your child. And most of these can be used to heal since your child’s birth.


My experience about healing:

My son has Eczema and bronchitis because of medicinal intake during pregnancy. I went from child specialist to a skin specialist and nothing helped. So, I finally went to the Homeopathic doctor which helped him a lot. And finally, when his symptoms get a little better I decided to finally switch to Reiki healing and Aromatherapy.

So, after running here and there I finally decided to use my own power to heal him. As, most of you know that I am a Reiki healer and grand master since 2006, I finally started taking this all situation seriously. With the guidance of Angels, Archangels, Reiki, and Aromatherapy, I am able to make healthful changes in my son’s life.



Well, those were a few more tools to add to your parenting tool belt.

Seriously, raising a sensitive child is pretty difficult.

And there are no set rules. But these might take you to start somewhere.

If you have any ideas please share with us in comment’s section.

Or you can also ask any question.

In our next post, we will read about Sensitive Young Kids.

Till then keep reading about parenting.


Live in Light,



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