Raising Sensitive – Teenagers

In our last posts, we learn a few things to understand and tackle our Sensitive newborntoddler and young kids. Today we will learn many new powers our sensitive children possess, which are totally safe.

In our last post, I suggested you find a mentor for your young kids. Let me tell you why.

In case you are not highly sensitive to the energies around you, you will find it all difficult to help your child. Sensitive children are Psychics too {and we will learn about this in these last two posts}.

A mentor who himself/herself is a sensitive and psychic would able to help you a lot in raising your child peacefully.

Let’s begin with some new things.


Sensitive teenagers {Age 13 – 19}

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1. Being psychic is normal and safe

Seriously children don’t become Psychic or sensitive in a day or year. They have been with this energy from many past lifetimes. And they earlier they learn to tackle these powers the better it is.

What does word “psychic” mean?

According to Oxford Dictionary:

  1. Relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance: psychic powers
  2. Relating to the soul or mind.


Actually, Psychic powers are normal. Each newborn has these powers to see, hear, feel and sense which we adults cannot see. They can see their angels and feel the energy of people around them. So all these things are totally normal. As all these are gifts we all are born with.

But as adults don’t believe what they couldn’t see they teach us not to believe in angels or spirits. They feel fearful about them without any reason.

So now you need to understand that if your child tells you she saw her deceased grandfather then she is telling you the truth. For her, there is no curtain or veil. Her third eye is totally healed and cleared. And until you tell her that she is just imagining things she will keep talking to her grandfather.

And really speaking we all live with our deceased parents and grandparents normally. They visit us when we think of them. And it is nothing to be scared of. They send loving energy to you.

If you think that you deceased mother could harm your children if she visits them then you must not read this post further.

I have written a small e-book about few questions about Mediumship you can read a little bit about psychic children by downloading it free from here.

So, now if you are feeling okay from my above rude but clear definition of what psychic means, then let me tell you how to teach your child about their powers.


Different Clair’s

The main types of psychic abilities begin with “clear,” which means “clear” in French.

It depends upon which “clair” types of psychic powers you usually use the most. You can choose to develop all your clairs. But this means that you have one dominant Clair Power. And this power is natural and is with your from many past lives. And your sensitive child also has some dominant Clairs.

The “clairs” are:

  • clairvoyance (clear seeing, or psychic vision)
  • clairaudience (clear hearing, or psychic hearing)
  • clairsentience (clear feeling/sensing, including clair-empathy)
  • clairtangency (clear touching or more commonly, psychometry)
  • claircognizance (clear knowing or psychic knowing)


There are much more types of powers you and your sensitive child encompass. You can read about them in detail over the internet. The internet is filled with information about all these abilities.

Let me break it in simple steps;

If your child love to visualize or note down the minutest details of what he sees around in the world, then his Psychic vision i.e. Clairvoyance is strong.

If your child loves music and can catch even the slightest sound, then his Psychic hearing i.e. Clairaudience is strong. These children love classical music and can find the new tune in nature’s sounds.

If your child feels too much, like she loves to touch things and feel them before using it or eating things then your child is a clairsentience. She needs more shielding because she is an energy absorber. She is an empathy and highly sensitive to energies around her.

Clairtangency or commonly called psychometry is a type of clairsentience. But in this type of ability, your child would hold things and tell the exact history of that thing, place or animal. Your child could even tell you the lost one piece of earring by touching the available one.

The children who have Claircognizance as their dominant power know things they never heard of. Usually, they know things from their past lives. And when someone asks them how they know, the answer is “I don’t know how, but I just knew it?”

There are many more powers, but it is important to start with these and help your child learn about their dominant psychic power.


2. Start early

As I told you in the last post that it is better to start early, you must find ways to help your child to know which clair is their strongest.

You can note down your child’s behavior since birth and by the age of 5 or 6, you usually would understand which clair is their strongest. You need to follow your child’s behavior very closely.

If you weren’t able to do this you can start now and within a few months, you will be able to understand the dominating Clair.

I would suggest you as a parent to a sensitive child you must start listening to their talks seriously. You could play a very important role.

Start as early as possible. Remember they are safe as they are guarded by angels and their Guardian angels all the time.


3. Take that fear out

Sometimes due to social fear kids keep hiding their powers to see and hear till this age. They try to shut down their psychic eye and never discuss with others.

But, if they are not able to shut down their psychic vision by this age, then this means that this is the time to accept it. To know that your teenage child can see, hear or feel things, you again need to notice him regularly.

Notice: does your child gets cranky or annoyed without any reasons. This is the main reaction. When they see something they think that you won’t believe they get cranky or upset.

If this pattern is regular then you must talk to your teenager and ask her if she has any problem.

Be a friend to your child and listens without comparing her.

If they affirm that they see things or hear or feel something then let them know that it is normal.

Ask them to read more about it on the internet to learn how to tackle the feelings.


4. Educate yourself

Most of the parents don’t read much before talking to their kids. But, I suggest you read as much information you can find before talking to your child. This will help him to trust you more.

Your child didn’t understand these things till now, so it is time for you to help them understand this entirely new world now.

Tell them with love that they are no different. Tell them you love them more. And keep showing your love, so that they never feel inferior.


5. Never let ego enter the scene

If your child is searching these new powers at this age, they could feel like some star. Be their mentor or friend in this learning time. But note and let them know that they are just like others but with little different gifts.

Preach them that they must not boast about their powers in front of others.

They must understand that ego will take them to a totally wrong path.


6. Learn, practice and test

When they start understanding their powers, ask them to learn more about them before letting anyone know.

Constant practice of meditation will them polish their powers. Meditation will be the best calming tool for them. When they will keep their mind calm they will be able to receive more signs and messages.

Once you feel that they are doing great efforts then you could test them by blindfolding their eyes and ask them feeling and telling you about some random objects. This could prove a very effective exercise and test as well.


7. Be aware

The main purpose is to help your teenager listen to the powerful Voice of their Heart. This is the real key to all those powers and gifts.

If you won’t help them then this is the perfect time to find the wrong company.

At this age, most teenagers try to shut this constant Voice of Divine and their Heart. To shut this Voice, they start consuming Alcohol and drugs. The more they feel frustrated about these powers the more they consume these waste things.

And this is what ruins their life. They must be taught about their powers ASAP.

So, being a parent to your loving sensitive child be to make yourself aware and consume as much information you can through the internet and educate and help your children.

The happy teenager will be able to cope up the trails as an Adult.

In our next post, we will learn about sensitive Adults.

Till then read our last posts here and comment about what you like and what we can add to this post.

Live in Light,



Kirtti is an Energy Alchemist who detects the negative energy of her clients and transform it into abundance with Spiritual Guidance. She is a Certified Life Coach. She is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Realm reader, Master NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotist. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card reader, Angel reader, Meditation Coach, Psychic and Medium. Her expertise is to bring on easy to consume and follow steps to come out of any problems.