Raising Sensitive – Adults

You must have read the last four posts of this series talking about Sensitive newborntoddler and young kids and teenagers.

Now we are at the point where we need to understand our adult children. At this age, kids don’t need any parental help. They are independent and free to do anything. They are eager to find new things and try them.

So, this post will be for those who are Sensitive Adults. Parents are welcome to read this post to understand some points of adult sensitive.

Well, now that you are an adult, dear sensitive, you must know why some things are different about you. You need to understand that if you were not raised like a sensitive child then you might have lost all your natural gifts. But it’s never too late to recapitulate all the knowledge about your gifts.


Sensitive Adults {age 20+}


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1. Recapitulate everything

Dear sensitive adults if you have never thought yourself as a psychic then you must acknowledge your gifts now. If you are raised as a normal child then you must know that you are not normal.

You are gifted and more powerful. And your powers are to be used for the betterment of our mother earth. You are here to spread the light in this world. And you are surely a light-worker who will gain the forgotten knowledge of many past lives.

You reached at this stage of your global, life and soul purpose after refinement of many past lives. You had been learning and purifying your soul for thousands of lives on earth. And you reached to this blog post because this is about time to recapitulate all those memories of the past in which you were training to help mother earth and the life on this planet.

It is about time to read all those past blog posts about sensitive people and understand where you stand. You need to surf the internet to really understand that you are a gifted one or not. And if you are one divine helper for this planet then you must start finding ways to clear all the mist from your memory and knowledge of past.


2. Accept your gifts

Yes, now or one day you will be standing at a point where you have to acknowledge yourself as a sensitive or psychic light-worker.

You would that day realize that you need to learn many things again. But this is not the starting of your life purpose.

Slowly, you would find the path clearer than ever. So, this is the right time to accept all this knowledge about your gift. Because you believe it or not, one day you have to start this journey.

You could not finish this life without refining your soul for your life purpose. And that is why I said that you have to accept all this.

I loved the magic since childhood. But I realize about my powers to help dead and alive at the age of 28. And that too after my own father’s death. It is painful but we got our past memories after a big hurting fall. And those who accept their gifts earlier they could feel better about these falls.


3. Enter the new world

When you start learning about your gifts and psychic powers and start practicing them, the whole new world will open up for you.

You will realize that you had been missing a beautiful part till then.

There are so many things you could learn to do. And those things will open up slowly when you start walking on this path.

The new path will take you to light. And that will slowly remove the entire ego. Lot’s have been there that you would love to uncover. So, be open to these changes.


4. Work with Divine

You need to learn how to work with the divine helpers. And this is the very starting point.

You need to start by knowing your powers and about your spirit guides, guardian angels and ascended masters that are there with you since your life times. And this is the very first few things to work on.

There are lots and lots of beautiful guiding knowledge on the internet. Start with these points in mind. Meditation is the very first leap you must take. And keep going on this path. Slowly, everything will open up itself for you.

You will find it easy to increase knowledge about your gifts with help of your Divine helpers. They are there to help us.


Tip to parents

If your sensitive or psychic adult child comes to you and suddenly pour out his/her heart about their powers – Please Do not Jump!

Yes, parents.

If you never knew about these things then read about it. It is all normal and safe to be a psychic. Your adult child has acknowledged his power and it is about time for them to help the world in some way.

Please help them and make their path comfortable by being there as a supporter. Do not question them. Do not hate them. Or do not hurt their feelings.

They will move away from you if you don’t be their supporter. They need you at this time. Keep helping them in their beautiful journey. And be there by helping them to feel peaceful. Talk to them often, if they live away from you. Ask them how their new journey is going on.

Even if you don’t like their career choice {of a healer, tarot reader, angel therapist, or any spiritual career they choose} just be there as a friend.

Do not criticize their guidance, as they are still learning. If they need your help in any way be there to help them learn new things they want to.

All in all, you need to be there to support them. But don’t overdo this part. As many psychic adults like their privacy. Be there for your adult kids whenever they want.


Warning for Sensitive Adults

Dear sensitive adults, you might feel this all like spooky or something you don’t want to learn, but as I already said one day you would have to choose this path.

One important thing on this path is to be learned that you need to stay away from drugs that bring light-headedness. Any kind of alcohol, drugs, and smoking is really injurious for your empathic and sensitive energy.

You need to learn to be calm and meditation is your first step towards tranquility. If you feel overwhelmed by all those voices of inner self then meditation will help you.

Don’t take a wrong path. Because that single wrong choice could ruin all the hard work of your past lives. You need to find a mentor who could help you or provide insights about your gifts.



So, now you are all set to start your journey as a Psychic or Sensitive person. And here I am full heartedly wishing you with lots of loving Divine light.

May your path illuminated with God’s guidance and light. May you will join hands with other Earth Angels around the world.

That’s for now about this series. And I believe I would keep writing something or the other for you to learn beautiful things.

I will write more blogs about sensitive people in future. So, you can anytime check the categories for sensitive posts.

If you like to ask some questions about this topic feel free to comment below or contact us.

Live in Light,





Kirtti is an Energy Alchemist who detects the negative energy of her clients and transform it into abundance with Spiritual Guidance. She is a Certified Life Coach. She is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Realm reader, Master NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotist. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card reader, Angel reader, Meditation Coach, Psychic and Medium. Her expertise is to bring on easy to consume and follow steps to come out of any problems.