Angels, I need Help!

Hello lovely clan,

I love to write when it comes about angels. Before connecting with angels, I was just asking for guidance from spirit guides.

One day a friend lend me her Angel oracle cards deck {which she was not able to connect with}. That was the first connection.

I pulled a card and connected with the angel in that card and I felt them around me.

After that, I read books and articles on how to connect with angels. And this connection never stopped.

Angels had helped me trillions of time and I thank them for being in my life.

Whenever in a problem I ask archangels and angels to help me.

The best thing is that they come for help in an instance.

The experiences are worth remembering. It’s two and half years since I started connecting with these divine creatures, but they are always with me since my birth.


Do you have angels around?

It is believed and said that each human being has one or more guardian angels around him/her since the birth.

Angels cannot help us unless we ask for. They can only help us in situations that could danger our life and when it is not our time to pass on this world. Once you start asking for help, you realize their presence.

Angels came to me in times when I needed a friend or support badly. They helped me uplift my mood and vibrations.

There is nothing wrong in asking for help to anyone, and when it is angels I feel confident.

When prayers go unanswered…

There are times when some of my prayers or desires go unanswered, but working with angels I learned that it might not be the time for those wishes to fulfill.

I understood that I need to wait peacefully for my some wishes to accomplish. And this is the right way.

Not all of our wishes come true the instance we ask them for.

When you feel thatangel_belief your prayers are not being responded to, then wait and tell your angels that you would wait for the right time.

Believe that angels deliver all your prayers to the God immediately. If you keep your trust in angels and divine timing firmly, then it would come to manifestation at the right moment.

We just need to understand that no one can change the way we decided to live this life before our birth. And it is necessary to understand that we had chosen all the tests to pay off our past karmas.

It is we who created these tough situations to pay off the karmas.

Before birth, we decide the way we want to pay off our past bad/good karmas in the upcoming life.

And we must understand that we must not blame anyone for these situations in our life. We just keep trying to construct positive karmas in this present life.

How to ask for help to angels?

It is as simple as saying HELP.

We need to understand that angels are not far away from us. They are indeed nearer than anyone on this earth.

They listen that painful shout in our heart. Guardian angels send positive vibrations and solutions to our mind and heart.

When we feel upset they send that loving thought in our heart which says, “You are loved.” They continuously send only positive thoughts to us.

Any negative thought we receive is just our Ego and not the voice of angels.

So, how to ask for help to them?

You need to close your eyes and say aloud or in heart,

“My dear guardian angels,

Please give me clear signs that you are near me and please help me with ______________ {this situation}________________________.

Thank you.”

After this prayer, stay calm for some time and then go back to your daily routine. Throughout the day, you would receive guidance in the form of visions {in your head}, sounds, songs, feathers, and any other signs and symbols.

Anything that comes to your notice more than three times is the sign of angels. This is really easy.

Next time you want help, do it and you would see the answers from angels.

A simple experience…

In January, I was returning from Delhi {my parents place} to Amritsar. When we asked the auto driver to take us to the railway station we were informed that there was a rally in that area and the roads were blocked as the prime minister was going to be in that rally. My mom was in tension about how we would reach the station on time. I was positive and instantly prayed to God and Angels to help us reach the station before time. Later the auto driver agreed to drop us at a metro station from where we could take a metro to the railway station. It was a much stressed day. But we reached the railway station 5 minutes earlier to the departure time of my train also the couch was exactly in front  of the main entrance.

This was one of many experiences I had with angels.

The only thing is BELIEF.

If you have belief then you would wait for the right time patiently. And this is a great wisdom.

Never fear to ask for help.

It is time to gain the essence of wisdom and experience the help provided by angels.

If you already had experienced then please share with us by posting a comment.

I love to read your experiences.

Live in Light,



Kirti is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Realm Reader and NLP Practitioner. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Angel reader, Tarot Card Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Crystals Therapist, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor.