Everyday motivation with Angels

Aloha lovelies,

You know it is not easy to get motivated to work each day from home. Oh! It’s for me.

The lifestyle is different here. I mean when I wasn’t married I had a different lifestyle.

I used to wake up early and used to go to the office and all that.

But here after marriage, everything changed. I do not work at some office.

I started this healing from home biz almost one year ago. And I am still in progressing mode.

This is not so fun when one has no management knowledge. So most of my days go away in learning to raise my biz, but let me tell you one thing. How I get motivated to work each day is because of Angels.

I love to talk to angels.

Actually, Angels are my real friends. So, due to my laziness, one day I ask angels to help me.

I wanted to quit the lazy nature and wanted to set up some strict goals to work on. And that’s why I call upon my lovely guardian angels.

It is fun to learn something new. I am a lifetime learner and that’s why I never drop any opportunity to learn something new.

When I asked the angels to help me work, I started receiving new management blogs online. I mean one moment I was searching for something and the other moment I delete it and started searching on how to get organized to work from home.


Angels led me to the right missing blocks…

What I learned, about myself, from all those blogs is that I need a weekly planner to work with. I needed to set up some limits about working from home, like setting up a fixed time to work/write. What about my fear of not able to manage everything? After all, I live my each day with my 5-year-old kid, a husband, and mother-in-law as well. How would I consider them and find time for my work? That was the time to ask for help.Angel_motivation picture

I called my guardian angels to help me and ask me to guide me with something perfect. The first thing was “Find the time.” Wow… what does that mean? Then I stop by and ask myself “find the time”. I needed to find the time when I have no domestic responsibilities and when I can spend some time on my biz. I noted down my one-week activities. And then I notice that I have at least 2 hours free each day. And that was when I can work freely.

That is the way Angels motivate me to work from home, easily at my own pace. I asked them to help you all as well and show you how you can get motivated each day to work what your heart desires the most. So, let’s take a look at the action plan to work on each day.

Steps to get Angel’s motivation…

If you are not aware of angels and other higher beings then first surf the internet to get some basic knowledge about Angels.  If you know about angels and how they work with us hand in hand then you are ready to work with them each day.

1. Angels ask that we must leave all the worries to them. Each morning when you wake up, keep your eyes closed and call upon your Guardian angels.

“My dear Guardian angels I call upon you now.”

Then talk to them. Tell them what you want your day to be. And ask them to guide you each moment. Thank them for being there with you. Ask them to give clear signs that they are near you and helping you.

Listen to everything that comes to your heart. Each positive voice in your heart is the message from your angels so, be careful while taking note of this positive tone. {Remember: Anything negative is not the guidance of your angels, it is from your EGO. That is why be Careful}

2. Angels ask us to ask them as much guidance as we want. From morning to night we can ask for motivation in anything and everything. Angels are ready to guide us through our situations. They work with us like true partners. They ask us to let them help without any guidelines from us on how you want your work to be finished. It is not our work to tell them how we want a thing to be finished. We just need to ask them for motivation and the steps of guidance will be presented by them. They know the best way. Angel_Motivation Prayer

3. Angels say that they are near us and we just need to believe that they are helping us. We should not spend time in doubting their helpful involvement. We should not spend any time thinking when, why and how? We must just let them help and work on our needed projects. They will keep sending us positive vibes and information.

The problem is when we ask angels to help us, we start giving them instructions on how we want their help. That is why they ask us to believe in their guidance and perfect timing. We just have to pray and listen to their guidance.


Here are a few prayers for two different circumstances…

1. If you want to finish up something urgently and you have no steps to finish it up you can ask for motivation through this prayer.

“Dear Guardian Angels,

Today I need to finish up this piece of work {anything you want help with}. Please send step by step guidance to finish up my work perfectly. Please help me to finish it by 5 p.m. today {time}.

Thank you.”

After this prayer keeps your mind open to receive the guidance and listen to your heart.


2. If you are stuck in between any project and you find no way to finish it up then say this little prayer and let them work for you.

“Dear Guardian Angels,

I am in middle of this important project about _____________ {what is the project about}. I am not able to find the missing blocks to complete this project. I need your help. Please help me and send clear step by step information to finish this project faster {or a specific date and time}.

Thank you.”

This prayer will help you to be motivated to finish up your project.

These two are simple prayers and the 3 things angels ask us to get their help for motivation are also very simple, but if you re-read them again you will find why they said these things. This is because although we believe them and but we start worrying in tough situations. This is why they just assured us to be calm.

At the end a very simple prayer to do each morning for motivation in anything.

“Dear God and Angels,

I call upon you now and ask you to help me in any situation throughout the day. Today, help me stay motivated and work perfectly.

Thank You. ”

After this, I know you too will be able to get going on working peacefully throughout the day. Angels are really waiting for our initiation. We just need to ask them for help. So, ask for guidance from Angels and work with them. Please share your views and experiences with us. I would love to read them.

Live in Light,



Kirti is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Realm Reader and NLP Practitioner. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Angel reader, Tarot Card Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Crystals Therapist, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor.