5 ways to improve your Karmas

Hello lovely peeps,

There was a time when I used to live life by default. I mean that living each day as it comes. I used to cry on those hard days and happy when the days were smooth.

Living each day as the things come up is something like living your life as a robot. But then I changed it totally.

I took the first step by reading about Karmas. I needed to know what happens in the way I live my life.


We all live our daily lives as they come to us. Shouting to those who annoy us and admiring those who appreciate us. Is this enough for living a prosperous life? Do we need to change the way we live? I was confused and ask myself the question –

“What kind of ripple am I creating by things I do and the way I react?”

This happened after my father’s death when my real spiritual journey started.

I was overwhelmed to open up my divine channels and was searching for more about life after death. At that time, one of my friends suggested me to read the book “The Laws of the Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagri”.

It is a book I needed more than anything at that time. I read it fully and when the chapter about karmas came up I read it twice. It was difficult to understand what Karmas are. But when I searched in Oxford dictionary I found this as meaning:


Pronunciation: /ˈkɑːmə, ˈkəːmə/

Definition of karma in English:



1 (In Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

  • informal good or bad luck viewed as resulting from one’s actions.

So, with this definition, the meaning was clear that whatever we do we get a result of that action. Pretty simple huh…

Not actually because what we usually do is get angry with people, feel jealous of their glory and feel annoyed at our mistakes. Too much of negative energy and when we got a little time we do a little bit of good too. But what is the ratio of these actions? Whatever we emit comes back to us and we call it our karmas of past life {or this life}. It is clear that we will receive a payback for each and everything we do on daily basis.

The beautiful proverb clears all our doubts about karmas:

“As you sow, so shall you reap”karmas-1

The meaning is obvious that the way we act in a current moment we have to pay for our present actions in future accordingly. Right…

So, the question is how to evaluate our karmas? How to evaluate the ratio of our good and bad karmas?

Let’s start with knowing what good and bad karmas are:

Good Karmas:

This is simple, that whatever good you do is a good karma {And we won’t go into too much depth because it is the work of God}

The list could start with simple things like greeting to anyone, speaking politely, helping others with genuine feelings in your heart, giving out money to charities, being polite to less fortunate than yourselves. The list could go long. But can you gain one point for each one of these good things you do?


Only the things that you do GOOD without thinking of your own profit are added to your good Karmas. When a person does something good to pay off one of his bad karmas, then this good dead shows as though he is trying to erase his bad deeds, which is indeed impossible. Whatever is done by you cannot be corrected by good deeds. You have to pay off your bad karmas. But it is good to do well without thinking. Change yourself to do good by default. Change yourself to be a nice person so that next time, you never have to think before acting in a better way.

Bad Karmas:

Simply anything we do wrong to others or even to ourselves adds bad karmas to our life. Anything like using abusive language, getting angry, cheating someone or stealing anything. These are just a few of a very long list of things we do each day.

Sometimes people don’t react badly to anyone but their heart is full of fury. They curse everyone around in their heart and this adds to their bad karmas account. In kalyug, people have more bad karmas then good ones.

Your subconscious mind knows which of our act is good and which one is bad. But what you can do to improve your karmas. It is needed to make changes in our behavior to change ourselves. I always believe and tell my clients that: Future is not engraved in stone, future is what we live in the present moment. And so if we change ourselves one step at a time we can learn to live our life as a beautiful one to create good karmas for our future.

Here are some ways to change yourself:

  • Gratitude

We must be thankful for everything we have in our life. Each morning pay regards to God for everything you love. Be thankful for the beautiful moments you have in your life. Appreciate the best you received in your life till the moment. This could be the first step to change you. When you feel thankful for anything in your life you send positive vibes and that create positive karmas in your account.

  • Spread love

Love is the essence of our life. When we open out the heart for everyone we spread the only love. It is needed to love your friends and enemy as well. It is very difficult but possible. Actually, you have to work on clearing and opening your heart chakra. And once your heart chakra gets clear your heart fills up with love. After that, only love will flow out of you. People would become aware of the change in you and you will feel light hearted. To open up your heart chakra, keep a Rose Quartz crystal with you all the time. Meditate with pink energy and learn different ways to open your heart chakra. Fill your life with love and change your karmas.

  • Forgive

Forgiveness is yet a very difficult thing in life. When someone hurt us or do something wrong to us we keep the resentful thoughts for that person in our heart. This brings burden to us as well. As we think of this person with bad feelings we create bad karmas. The simplest way of releasing any hard feelings is by following this step:

Take a paper and write the names of people who hurt you in past. Take three deep breaths. Now read each name and say “I forgive you___ {name of person}. Do this for each name and also for yourself. Say “I forgive myself.” Once done with your list, release this paper to God by burning it and flushing the burnt paper. Feel unburden and release all the vengeful feelings for others and yourself and change the patterns of your Karmas.

  • Watch each step

Each day check your actions very carefully. You need to be careful before any endeavor, every moment in your life. Look closely at things that you need to change your life to be more happy and positive person. Each night notes down in a journal about the things you did good and bad throughout the day. Once you make an inventory of these things you can take steps to change yourself and your karmas. It is difficult but if you are desperate to change your life you can do it easily.

  • Your Motives

Your motives are the main thing hidden deeply behind each of your action. You can fool your fellow individual by acting nice, but your real hidden motives are always transparent to God, divine and to your subconscious mind. You can hide them from others but not to your inner self. So, it is necessary to keep your motives positive. Be as transparent to the world as you would to yourself and you would create good for yourself. Each action done with good intentions act as a catalyst to your good karmas list. karmas_3

So, when you now know what karmas are and how you can change your life to be a bed of roses takes appropriate actions. When you start changing yourself to better, you emit good energy and your aura is full of positivity. The people around you feel happy in your company and you spread the love around you. This helps to have a beautiful future as well.

Although karma is a very deep chapter to understand, this is just the simplest of any posts written about karmas.

I am in a process of changing myself to be more positive and my heart chakra is expanding, as I am working on it.

I am on my way to eliminate anger, jealousy, ego and other negative aspects of my entire being.

It is a life long journey and I love that I started early in life {better to act before my deathbed}. I would love to fill each heart on this earth with love. I feel loved and loving. I feel to be loved.

It is up to you how you want your life to be. And it is always good to change yourself as soon as you can for the betterment of your life.

So, now take inventory of your actions and check your motives to create good karmas and a prosperous life.

I would {as always} love to know about your experiences and thoughts.

Go on to the comment section and write your lovely feelings about this blog.

Live in light,



Kirtti is an Energy Alchemist who detects the negative energy of her clients and transform it into abundance with Spiritual Guidance. She is a Certified Life Coach. She is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Realm reader, Master NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotist. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card reader, Angel reader, Meditation Coach, Psychic and Medium. Her expertise is to bring on easy to consume and follow steps to come out of any problems.