Finding the path of Abundance

Hello dear angels,

Happy New Year. A new day and a new year.  I wish that the year 2015 will bring lots of love and abundance to your life. And today’s post is all about abundance only.

Each day I think about selling my services and each day I drop some plans. What does abundance meant for us? What is actually abundance?

I am searching for this question for sometimes. Abundance is a state of mind. Abundance is when our mind feels full and happy about what we have in our life. For some people abundant means having lots of money. Mostly we take money as synonyms of Abundance. But if you check your synonyms dictionary it would indicate that abundance is the synonyms of great quantity, large quantity, profusion, wealth, and plenty etc. Our mind stops at the word wealth and we think abundance means having plenty of wealth. Whereas, wealth means prosperity and riches in not only monetary terms but also in terms of the state of mind.


What’s the first thing I found…

So the confusion is that what abundance is. For this reason, I searched up the internet and came across the book ‘Angels of Abundance’ by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue. And what I found there is,

“Abundance really means a feeling of security and safety. Abundance has nothing to do with how much you have in the bank, or even how your finances are managed. ”


“Abundance simply means that you feel financially secure about your present and future life. The feeling of security is worth its weight in gold. ”

Here is what I found in the dictionary:


(əˈbʌn dəns) n.

1. an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply.
2. affluence; wealth.
3. overflowing fullness: an abundance of the heart.

So these words prove me right that what I was taking as the meaning of abundance is right. Abundance means that we feel secure and safe. Actually, we humans feel more secure when we have plenty of money to pay bills and spend over luxuries. And that is why we take the meaning of abundance totally wrong.

And what I learn from divine…

According to angels, abundance is when you feel secure about your future life. They say, “You need to feel secure in terms of happiness about your future. It is okay to think about money and earn a great fortune. But you need to know that you cannot buy happiness with only money. For real abundance in your life, you should spend quality time with your family and your loved ones.  We will help you to earn lots of money by good and straight means but you need to spend it to those who are less fortunate. You need to give a little amount. We ask you to release all your worries and follow our guidance. And if money makes you feel secure we are there to help you earn the real abundance.Abundance

Firstly, understand the meaning of abundance and then understand the real need of money in your life. There are rich people who still worry about money and they cannot be called as abundant. So we ask you to release all the worries related to money and your future so that you can live a life that makes you happy.”

For being abundant in your life you need to note down what make you feel abundant. Is it only luxuries or living a life with a happy family is what being abundant for you? Ask yourself the real meaning of abundance. Being a human it is okay to feel full with a lavish bank account. But there is a need of security that will make you abundant.

Angels keep saying and indicating that they are here to help us in everything. We just need to ask them and follow their guidance. And the truth is angels do help us in money matters. There are people who asked angels for money and they helped them at the perfect divine time.

Angels ask us to believe that there is lots of money for each one of us. We just have to stop crying about its scarcity. For getting money that could make you feel secure i.e. abundant you just need to ask the divine and believe. If you don’t believe and just keep crying then there would always be less.

Each day there’s lots and lots of money being printed only for you. You just need to believe that it all will come to you and wait for the perfect timing. It will come to you in avalanche only if you believe. If money makes you feel abundant then pray and ask divine helpers to bring it to you through true and positive ways. If you have money that is truly earned with hard work and dedication then only you will feel abundant. So, this is how abundance is connected to money.

Now, it is clear that money makes us abundant, but only if we work truly for it and in a right way then only we feel secure and safe about it.

So, if you want to be abundant in life by means of monetary terms then you must work hard and with dedication for it. Those who earn money with wrong ways add negative energies to their monetary abundance. This brings insecurity and that is when abundance is lost.

Abundance also means that you feel happy in any situation. Some people have not so much money but they are always happy and feel full. This is also abundance. When you feel happy about whatever you have in life you feel abundant. That is the real abundance a person needs to attain. Abundance is a state of mind in which a human being feels safe, secure and happy in life.

We must try to attain that kind of abundance in life. It has beauty and essences with it that keep any human being feel full of positive energy.  I am on my way to attain that state of abundance. It is difficult but necessary to achieve.

My journey towards abundance…

A year ago I decided to stop running blindly about earning money. I felt that the amount I wasted on searching ways to earn money was too much and I must stop right there. I asked myself that what was the need of money and why did I want to earn money. That question changed my mind. And at that time, I started working on myself to find the true abundance i.e. peace of my mind. I meditated and tried the deep answer for that question. And slowly I felt that like everyone I was also running for living a very rich life. I am not at all ashamed that I wanted lots of money to live a luxurious life. There is nothing wrong in wanting to earn money; the wrong is to earn it by hook or crook.

I changed my thinking and stopped running behind money. And I found my strength and the power that I can share with the world. I started looking inside me to know what I need to do to feel abundant. And I found that I need to ask myself, “How can I serve the world?”

The question intrigued my mind and I went to meditating to find its answer. Now, I serve people with what I love to do and let the angels find clients who would benefit from my services.

My mindset shifted from ‘how to earn money’ to ‘how may I serve’. This shift changed my outlook and freed me to gain abundance in true terms. I am still working hard to walk on the path which says “How may I serve the World?” it is not difficult now.

My motive is to help people and I find happiness and abundance in this cause. Earning money is a secondary thought. I would love to sense monetary luxuries but not at the cost of abundance.

So you can see that abundance and money are not actually needed to be related but still they are related somehow. Every human must find their own way to discover the real abundance in life. This life is small yet full of lessons. You never know what you can find with meditation and search your inner self.

Go on and find your true and happy path towards abundance and share your experiences with us. We would love to hear from you.

Live in light,



Kirti is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Realm Reader and NLP Practitioner. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Angel reader, Tarot Card Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Crystals Therapist, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor.