What is Spirituality?


I would like to talk about spirituality or being spiritual.  It is a confusing term Spirituality…

Have you been feeling that praying to an idol is spirituality?

Have you been taught that following some religion is spirituality?


Have you ever felt like spirituality is something deeper than just praying or following a religion?

If so, then you are correct. When I was young, around 15 or 16 years old, I used to question my grandmother who was devoted to lord Krishna. I didn’t believe in things like offering food to an idol or bathing it. I wanted more serious thing. I wanted to know what actually God is. Thanks to my mother who followed Arya Samaj, where they don’t believe in idol worshiping.

Well, I wanted to know who made us all. For me scientific reasons or theories or stories of human existence never appealed. I wanted depth.

So my journey began in 2004 when I learnt Reiki. I had heard about it somewhere and wanted to learn it. May be it was the starting of taking baby steps towards the depth of spirituality.

And now when I ask myself what spiritual or spirituality is my heart said “I still need to know”. I searched the internet to get to the simple meaning of spirituality. Here is something I found:


Traditionally spirituality has been defined as a process of personal transformation in accordance with religious ideals. Since the 19th century spirituality is often separated from religion, and has become more oriented on subjective experience and psychological growth. It may refer to almost any kind of meaningful activity or blissful experience, but without a single, widely-agreed definition of spirituality.

So I felt that even most of us don’t know what spirituality actually is?

Then I sat quietly to ask my heart and angels what I can say about this word. There need to be a definite explanation or definition to this word.

Here is what I got:

Spirituality or being Spiritual is nothing just a state of mind when you feel like connected to the divine essence. You never feel wrong or pity at this state of mind. There is no need of praying to anyone or anything. You just feel quiet and relaxed. At this moment you connect with the inner-self and you grow towards the divine. The spirit that resides in your body connects to the universal energy and then you become one with nature and universe. Your heart chakra expends and feels love for every living being. When you open your eyes each morning you feel happy to start a new day. Each day fills up with positivity. You start looking only good around you and ignore all the unwanted things in life.

Spirituality brings beautiful changes in a being. It is not at all related to any human made religion. But yes, being religious is also spirituality. There is no right or wrong. When you believe in a religion which ask you to be true and positive then also you are following spirituality. When your heart connects with the divine love and when you could feel only love then understand that you are spiritual. At that moment you are not only a religious person but also a spiritual person.

By just listening and following any guru does not bring spirituality in your life. for being spiritual you need to follow each good instruction and work hard to grow on only positive path. A true guru does not only preach but also takes you to paradise of true divine spiritual plane.

Being spiritual is not an easy task but also not at all impossible. If you desire to change yourself for good only then you will enter the gates of spiritual plane. Slowly walking on the positive path, you would experience and understand the true meaning of spirituality.

The real divine meaning of spirituality could be understood by entering the spiritual realms not by just talking. You need to enter in deep to get the understanding of this word. This is a word which is mostly misunderstood by being religious. But when exposing yourself to the divine universal energy you could eliminate this misinterpretation.

And there is no age to enter in this beautiful plane named spirituality. Your soul knows the right time to enter. Your soul decides where to take you and whom you would meet to become a spiritual being and grow as a spirit.

The growth of our Spirit is when we become SPIRITUAL being or enter Spirituality.

Do not feel shy of expending your knowledge about this topic because once in a lifetime we all enter this phase. In our different incarnations we need to enter the gates of spirituality.

So, remove the curtains of misconception and enter this phase to understand the meaning and essence of spiritual plane. Enjoy being spiritual. Enjoy your life as fully awake. Love yourself and spread love in this world. Hope you understand and enter spirituality with love. Share your experiences about your journey into spirituality.

Live in Light,



Kirti is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Realm Reader and NLP Practitioner. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Angel reader, Tarot Card Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Crystals Therapist, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor.