How to love and except ourselves as we are?

Hello dear ones,

Today there is something beautiful. There was a silly discussion I started with Angels which left me in admiration and I understood that love is infinite and inside us all. We just have to search ourselves to get it out. So, you too read this little post to find the love inside you.


Each day when I wake up I ask myself to be active but, I feel so lazy that I go back to sleep for some more minutes. My angels nudge me each morning an hour before my normal wake up time, but I want to sleep some more until it’s time that I cannot be in bed any more. Although I keep a big time gap between waking up and sending off my son to his school van, but I rarely wake up early to spend time for myself.

How many times this same thing happen to you, when you want some more sleep? The answer is simple. Each day we drag ourselves out of bed forcefully to get ready for another day of work. We wish we can spend more time sleeping. Do you know why?


We all know. It is because while sleeping we don’t have any tensions. We don’t have sorrows, pains or any other difficult situation. While asleep we feel so comfortable that we all want to be in this situation forever.

The problem is that we don’t spend any moment in our whole day with ourselves. Joy and happiness comes to us when we feel energetic and love ourselves. When we love ourselves we forget the illusions of sorrows, pains and difficulties.

So, I ask my angels one day about why they wake me up so early and why don’t they heal me. Here is our little talk.


Me: Dear loving angels, I want to know why you wake me up each morning so early? I want to sleep some more.

Angels: Dear child of God, we wake you up early each day because you ask us to keep you healthy.

Me: Yes, I asked you to keep me healthy, but by healing me. Waking up so early I feel more tired.

Angels:  To get healthy you have to work parallel with us. You have to work out on your body to be energized. You have to spend some time in meditation to get the peaceful mind.

Me:  Ok, so I have to work hard on myself to get healthy. But, how will you help me?

Angels: You want a magic to change you in your desired shape, size and state of mind. The magic is you.

Me:  What? So, you don’t have any magic to turn me into a beautiful lady who is perfect and whom everyone will appreciate. I have to work on myself. I have already trying with only failure.

Angels: Really, are you trying hard?

Me: Yes, ofcourse I meditate each day for peace of mind. And I exercise some days to get back in shape. What else do I have to do?

Angels: Is that it? Have you ever tried to change your view about yourself? Have to ever get enthusiastic to come out of illusion that you have difficulties? Had you ever tried to love yourself?

Me: UMMM…. ???

Angels: Dear child, we don’t use any magic wands to help you. It’s only in stories. We help you by motivating and helping you re-schedule your whole day to get some time out for yourselves.

Let’s explain everything to you.

Each morning we nudge you to wake up early. This is because we know that the hours you had slept are enough for your body. And by waking up early you can exercise a little to get more energy for the whole day.

So, our part is to wake you up early, and then you have to decide how many hours you can exercise. If any time is left after working out, you can meditate as well. That way we will help you to be on this routine until you want to switch it off. But when your heart again starts asking for help we will again initiate pushing you to wake up each morning.

Me: UMMM …. Okay…

Angels: And about the other things… like a magic to turn you into a beautiful lady who is perfect and whom everyone will appreciate. For this we have a question. Aren’t you already beautiful? Aren’t you already perfect? Aren’t you already being appreciated?

Me: HMMM …. Am I beautiful, perfect and being appreciated? I don’t know. No one said this to me ever. I am FAT, angry and almost everyone can show me the mistakes I have and I do.

Angels:  What mistakes dear child?

And yes you are beautiful.

Whom do you want to listen this from? A human being. You know that what you send in universe through your thoughts you receive it back as it is and in many folds.


Had you ever look into a mirror and appreciated yourself? If not then look in a full length mirror and look into it. Look inside your body. See how beautiful your soul is. You have to remind yourself that your body is just a home to your soul. As you love to live in a beautiful house and feel happy, your soul is happy to be inside you. The difference is that for your soul the size and shape of its house doesn’t matter. Your soul loves you as you are.

When your soul loves you as you are, why do you want to get love from outside? The Father of all loves you very much as you are a part of Him. And when you are being loved by divine energy, why you want to hear it from any fellow human being?

Love yourself and you will get love in return. Spread only love and you receive love in back.

And about perfection…  You are the Perfection of God. Remember that when you are being made by God he kissed you and gave a gift of His divine personality to you. You just have to remember about that precious part of His in you. And when you will recapitulate the love He sent in you, you will understand the true essence of your life. You are perfect in our eyes and the eyes of God. So, there is no need to be perfect.

And about the worldly perfectionism…

Each human being is made with different gifts and personalities. No two human beings are same. So when you live in a group each one is different, unique and precious to God. But when, human starts comparing each other and start giving names, then the love sent by God hide in the depth of your heart. That love could only be revived by those who take out this love of God and stop comparing themselves and others. Once you get the knowledge of you being Divine, you start following the path to get the love of God back in your entire being.

So, dear Child, keep this in your mind no one is perfect then other. Each one of you is the most perfect child of God.

Hope you all will understand your hidden gifts. We are always there to help you whenever you want to be enlightened by the energy of God.

Lots of love to you all.


Aahhhh…. Each time I chat with angels I feel more loved, cared and full of energy. Each little chat gives me motivation to spread love around the whole world. What do you think about this little chat? Please share your views with us. We love to read your experiences.

Live in light,



Kirti is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Realm Reader and NLP Practitioner. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Angel reader, Tarot Card Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Crystals Therapist, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor.