Understand your sensitive child.

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Hope you are enjoying your life each day and learning something new like me… Today, I am talking again about sensitive children.

Actually, this is because I feel that, we the parents of these gifted sensitive children must understand them and also help them share their gift in this world. Until we are be open and understanding to our kids how would we help them grow as a positive and healthy adult.

These sensitive children or adult are actually called Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow/Star child. These children come to earth to heal it and spread Light of God. They are Light-Workers. And in each of our post about these children I will call them sensitive children.

I had already shared a little about how to treat sensitive children in the post Find a mentor for your Sensitive.


There might be some similarity in these two posts, but the main point is to Understand Our Little Angels Better….

Please read now what I have to share with you in addition to that post.


Does your little child cry too much? Is it without any specific reason? Is it difficult to understand your young children who act weird in a place with lots of people?

This is not a post about teaching you the parenting skills. I am not going to tell you anything from any parenting books or websites. And I am actually not questioning your parenting style.


I believe that if God had given us capability to give birth to a child than he had also given us the power to parent them and take care of them properly. We need help in raising kids because we care too much about the society. We scold our crying child in public, because we feel about what others will think. But, had you ever try to understand the reason behind.

The reason might be is that every child is sensitive to the universal energy. Little children are the purest energy. They are more connected to the energies. They catch energies of others as well. And when they come in contact with some negative energy they act weird.


The people who catch the energies of others are called empaths. Not only children but adults are also empath. Empaths are sensitive towards energies. They feel everything. They can easily get the impression of others mood and nature. The idiom “stepping into others shoes” is true for them. They actually understand other’s pain and happiness direct from heart.

To note that your child is actually an Empath you can look at the behaviour:

  • The child changes his/her mood suddenly in presence of someone.
  • Cries too much without any reason.
  • Knows things without you telling them.
  • Talk like a mature.
  • Looks wiser than their age.
  • They don’t mix up very easily with others.

It all comes through feelings. They feel too much. Their nature is sensitive and they usually act cranky most of the times.


If you notice anything unusual in your child don’t get angry, love them when they get calm and ask them the reason behind being upset. Most of the times they won’t be able to answer.

They need love and lots of love. Scolding would make them rebel and they would feel lonely.

Your child is very young to understand big things, so you need to help them in every phase of their life.

Toddlers usually cry about anything they don’t get. If your toddler is throwing tantrum than you must be serious about your parenting style, but if your child is crying without any reason then you must understand the difference.

For a mother it is easy to understand when her child is throwing tantrum or when is he upset for no reason. In that case please let the mother love and sooth the crying baby. Sometimes these sensitive kids start saying bad words to a guest at your home. This might be because he/she is catching the negative energy of this person (Unless your child has a habit to use bad words, which are not appropriate for kids). In these cases take the child to another room and ask them to spend time playing their favourite game.

These kids don’t mix up easily with other children and usually take more time to adjust in schools. You need to be calm and inform the school authorities about your child’s nature in detail. It help both your kid and his teacher.


Being a parent to a sensitive child need lots of patience. If you lose temper very easily, then it is adviced to you to start practicing meditation. Until you are calm, you won’t be able to calm your sensitive child.

This is my personal experience and I had noticed that when my empath child cries for no reason than I need to love him and he feel safe and calm easily.

Now when you know that your little bundle of joy is a sensitive empathic angel, then you must work on forming them a positive child.

Some things you can do to help your empath child are:

  • Be there for your child at anytime they need you.
  • Teach them to meditate as early as you can.
  • Do not use harsh, inappropriate and bad words in front of them.
  • Introduce them with at least one holistic healing modality.
  • Find a mentor for them, who could help them to grow as a positive child.


Empathy is actually a gift of God to these people. They are meant to be a light-worker in this world. Anytime in their life they would realize that they are not meant for the materialistic world, and that they are actually meant to walk on the positive and loving path of God.

You cannot change their destiny and so it is your responsibility to help them understand their purpose of life as early as possible in their life. These children are meant to spread the divine light around the world. They need to be protected. And they are continuously being protected by Angels.

Empath children need protected layer around their aura. You can say prayers to angels and God to protect your sensitive child. When they get older and understand this world you can teach this prayer to them so that they can say the prayer to protect themselves.

Note down the prayer and post it in big words on the wall of your child’s room.

“Dear God and the loving Angels,

I request you to protect my sensitive child and shield him against all the negative energies around him. Please keep  ………………………. [names of your kids] in a transparent and powerful shield, so that they can feel only love of God. Please help me to be sure and calm about their protection. Help me to be a positive parent to my child.

Thank you.”


Read more about shielding your Empath/sensitive children here.

And if you want to read how to raise Sensitive children start with this post and follow the series.

Hope these little tips will help you and your little sensitive child. Please do share your tips about caring and raising Sensitive children.




Live in Light,




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