Pain of Death

The round of life keeps moving without any standstill. If one human being takes birth on this earth the other have to die. This process of birth and death keeps going on.

The human being is made out of love by the Almighty. Our beloved father made us all equal, with the same gifts. A human being could scold his or her child but our beloved Father never ever does anything terrible to help us walk on the right path. He had given us freewill to live on this earth. We have the right to walk on a wrong path. The troubles of the wrong path are always painful. When a person takes the easy and mistaken path to fulfill his desires, he gains a bad karma. Our each bad karma accompanies with some kind of pain and tests in the present life or future lives.

According to our karmas we got place in spirit world. In the spirit world we chose our new life and what we need to learn on earth to improve our karmas to reach towards the path of God. We chose our date and time of birth, our parents [or one of the parents], the pains and tests we would go through, date of death. We choose three dates for our death. Our subconscious mind decides when we need to depart from earth to our real home. When everything is decided by us, then why not take the path of truth and love.


The reasons are very difficult to understand, for why people loose someone loving early in life. When you love someone too much then their death moves you. Many people loose the power of brain to control things. The loss can be of anyone a spouse, a loving friend or a little child. Any kind of loss is painful. No one can compare this pain. And not everyone feels the same pain.

Why we feel lost, sad or pain, after the death of a dear one? And what are the levels of this sadness.

The answer is difficult.


This whole world and universe is made out of love. God Almighty made this whole universe with love and sent lots of love. He made each and every entity with pure love. The place where He made us was a very beautiful place. The earth is not even a little bit of that beautiful place. No one wanted to live in any other place, than that home of God. God decided to make universe where all kind of creatures could choose their dimensions to live. He made some laws to live a life on each dimension. Whatever he made for His loving children was very beautiful. But none of the creatures wanted to leave the loving place of God. So he decided to give everyone two type of mind. He gave us a physical mind and a subconscious mind.

Physical mind was the part which didn’t realize where we came from and where we would go. But the subconscious mind was fully aware of everything about God. Then God send deatheach creature to the place where they wanted to live in. He gifted human beings a blessing of death. He wanted to meet His children once in a while. So he made the circle of birth and death. He made a parallel dimension with earth. This dimension was spirit world. He decided that each soul he sent on earth could come to this spirit world and here he would be aware of each life and everything about Him. He made this place as beautiful as his home, so that all the spirits could feel His love.

He then decided to give a body to these souls to live on earth. When these souls came to earth they forgot everything and started living their life. Here their physical mind helps them to live and slowly they started making their lives on earth. And slowly the human beings started developing.

The human beings were living with positive energy they brought with them from their actual home. Some tried to live a life of more power.

Then entered the negative energy.

The negative energy started conquering and making slave of many humans. Human beings, who got to the negative side, became the slave of their physical mind. They started wrong things to live a more happy and materialist life. They started everything that was against the laws made by God.

When God saw the pain of positive people He sent many messages to these dreadful human beings. He sent his love and light for them to come back to the positive life. But they were so much in control of negative energies that they chose to be negative. When God saw this he made it clear that because of free will every creature could go to any path. Everybody can choose one path – positive and negative. Everybody who goes to the path of love will be blessed with only love of God. And those who chose the path of negative energies have to pay for each of their wrong deeds. Every time the soul, who will walk on the negative path, have to bear pains in life on earth. Even a little bad deed will have to be paid in successive lives. If a positive human being does any mistake he also has to pay for his karma.

He made several levels in the spirit world. According to karma every soul would go to their probable realm. The lower realms were dark and ugly. These  realms are for those who are totally negative and don’t want to come to the positive light. One realm was for both negative and positive souls. The upper realms are for the positive people. In these realms the placing of a soul is by checking their past life’s karmas. With negative and positive karmas the soul would get their appropriate realm.

In this spirit world they have to learn things to improve their karmas. With doing good deeds on earth human beings can get to the higher levels.

The good souls come to earth to improve their karmas, help the bad souls to improve and to pay back their own past karmas. Living a life without thinking of self motives, is a living of a good soul. Trying hard to be good to everyone is the aim of every good soul.

This is totally precise that negative can never win from the positive energy of God.

Death is just a transition from one world to another. It is difficult to explain a human being that why people die.

An enlightened soul can easily understand that human take birth for paying off their karmas and leave the earth plane once there mission is over. The relatives cry and live a life of being upset because they love the human being they live with. This pain is also a way to pay of one’s karmas.

Once the human being understands that the soul never disconnect from their loved ones soul, then this pain get low. An enlightened soul understands easily this transition of life and death. And for these people death is no more a frightening aspect. They know that each and every soul is a part of God Almighty and we all are one. We are actually interconnected with love of Almighty.

To cope up with the pains of life we should always walk on the positive path. Meditation is the first step to connect to the universe. Helping people without our own benefits is also a path.

If you have lost a beloved one than instead of crying you should search for the ways to understand the realities of life and death. Lots of enlightened authors had written uplifting books. Understanding that the love of God, is enough.

Try to change yourself and try to come out of this pain and feeling of loss.

What you can do to change your life after a loss:

  1. Read articles and books which could help you understand and uplift your painful situation.
  2. Join a group of holistic healers and learn a holistic healing modality.
  3. Connect with a psychic, who can unite you with your deceased loved one and pass on few loving messages from them.
  4. Meditation is the best key to silent your mind and come out of any painful condition.
  5. Go out in some park and play with little kids. The positive energy of these little angels could help you come out of your situation.
  6. Never talk negative about your situation. The more you cry about your loss, the difficult it will be to come out of this situation.
  7. Go out with friends and participate in some donation work.
  8. Help someone in need. It’ll uplift your energy.

You have to just be positive and try to make life progressive after some’s death. Being stuck in one negative situation will stop your progress on the positive path of GOD.

Be Happy forever.

Live in Light,



Kirtti is an Energy Alchemist who detects the negative energy of her clients and transform it into abundance with Spiritual Guidance. She is a Certified Life Coach. She is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Realm reader, Master NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotist. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card reader, Angel reader, Meditation Coach, Psychic and Medium. Her expertise is to bring on easy to consume and follow steps to come out of any problems.