Experience with Archangel Uriel.

Hello dear souls,

I have heard about archangels a long ago but started working with them in year 2012.

I had never thought about archangel Uriel much. I didn’t call upon him ever for my help. But all this time he was there with me silently. And that is what I realized 2 days ago.

I first saw Archangel Uriel in October, 2012. That’s too with my eyes closed.

One October night, I was lying with my son in our bedroom. While he was trying to sleep, I was silently crying with my eyes closed. It was because I was missing my deceased father. My father departed, to his real home in heaven on July 4, 2012.  That time was difficult for us.

After his death I started to increase my psychic abilities to meet him again. I started by connecting him via Automatic Writing. Later, I connected with my spirit guides and afterward I read about angels.

I started connecting with Angels and Archangels. I was learning about archangel’s names at that time of my vision. By that time I remembered only three names i.e. Archangel Michael, Raphael and Gabriel.

I had read about Uriel’s name but didn’t remember anything about him. I didn’t know his associated color, his qualities or even how he could help me.


That October night while I was silently sobbing near my 2.10 years old son, as a vision I saw golden light near window. I saw a face wearing a helmet like a warrior. That was a golden helmet.

At that instance I knew it was some Archangel. I asked him about who he was. And I heard “URIEL” in my head. I asked him about why he had came to me. I heard again in my inner ears – “I WILL HELP YOU IN YOUR GRIEVING PERIOD. I’LL HELP YOU FEEL CALM.”

I felt a sudden rush of tranquility in my heart as though that golden light had entered my heart chakra.


Till then my son was soundly asleep. I was crying but with the calmness in my heart. I don’t remember when I slept. I just know that from that very day I never felt like crying too much by thinking about my father. I usually remember only good things about papa. I miss him and my heart still ache, but it is not that worst thing I used to have during the first month of his departure.

I still feel bad when the month of June and July starts each year, but it is not hard. It is now missing my loving dad.

I didn’t realize that Uriel is here near me helping me until past Wednesday.

On 11 June, I unknowingly open up the e-book reader on my Smartphone. I clicked on the e-book I had of Angels Messages by Doreen Virtue. The chapter that I had left reading a long ago was of Archangel Uriel. And when I read his name I felt his presence in my heart.

Next day when I was shuffling the book – Archangels and Ascended Master by Doreen Virtue, the page that opens up was to my surprise the end of Archangel Uriel. My attention didn’t go to Archangel Zadkiel’s page which was facing opposite to the ending of Uriel’s invocation.

I turned back one page and read ARCHANGEL URIEL.

This was a second sign about his presence.

And I realized that Uriel is here with me each day.

I read about him I feel He is there around me to help in everything I need. There is a need to change myself. When I realized that I need to change myself to be more positive I understood why Archangel Uriel is here. He will help me and he is sending me signs to let me know that it is time for me to ask him for help.

I have free will like everyone else and Uriel can’t do a thing until I want him to help me.

So it is time for me to call upon him daily for guidance in life.

Please share your experiences with archangels and how do you like my posts.

Live in light,



Kirti is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Realm Reader and NLP Practitioner. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Angel reader, Tarot Card Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Crystals Therapist, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor.