Body alarm and sleep

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Hope you are having great time reading the blogs here. Today I want to write something about sleeping patterns. Each human body has different sleeping times. A good night sleep is always important to be healthy. Read today’s blog to get more information.

All living things have different body alarm.

Oh body alarm!!!!

That is something very easy to understand. Body has its own clock. This clock is brain. It transmits all the needs to the body. This clock tells us when to wake up, eat and everything else. It has an alarm which ring every morning sometimes before your mobile alarm and other times after it. It wakes you up. Well, this alarm is so annoying that you cannot even switch it off.

Well everyone’s body needs charging as well. As every gadget you owe charges up at different periods, different human bodies have their own variant charging time.

So confusing, Right…

Our body works so hard whole day. It needs rest and that’s why we sleep at night. Well, BINGO…sleep

This is the time when your body charges itself. Yes, when we sleep every night we charge each and every cell, nerve and organ so that it could work properly next day.

Many people sleep very late at night and woke up early next morning. If this is your pattern and next whole day, you feel lazy or tired, than it is a sign that you are not charging your body full.

With low battery sometimes our phone switches itself off in between an important call.

So, if that is your schedule than try to change it. Give rest to your body. After all your body is a vehicle for your soul.

Angels ask us to have a comfortable and appropriate sleep. Sleep until you feel fully charged. They ask us to sleep at least 8-10 hours in 24 hours day. So, are you ready to charge your body till it says BATTRY FULL?

Different people have diverse charging time for their body. Some feel full energized even after 6 hours of sleep, yet others need 10 hours of sleep. To know your body’s charging time follow these steps.

  • Sit in a comfortable position, in calm and quiet place. Where you won’t get disturbed.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take 3 deep breaths.
  • Speak loudly or in your mind, “Angels please guide me and tell me what is the appropriate hours of sleep does my body need.”
  • Calm down and try to feel, listen or imagine the first NUMBER you get.
  • If nothing happen than ask the same question again, until you get a number.


Once you get your number. Next day try to sleep for that number of hours at night. Of course, you need to reschedule your routine so that you won’t be late for school or office.

If you don’t get any number even after many days of trying, than just sleep at 9.30 p.m one day and turn off all the alarms and see at what time you wake up next morning feeling fully refreshed and energized. Now, count the hours of sleep you had. That would be the charging time of your body.

My body charging time is 8-10 hours. I don’t feel any need of a nap if I sleep for 8 or 9 hours. When I sleep for 10 hours my body feels more than refreshed next morning. And if I over-charge my body sleeping more than 10-11 hours I have body ache next whole day.

So it’s better to charge your body fully, neither less or nor over.

Enjoy your beautiful sleep.

Good Night… Sleep Tight…

Hope this helps you and you might be already feeling sleepy… YAWNNNNNNN….


Share with me about your sleeping time or your views about body alarm.

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