The Forgiveness Guide

Do you Want To Release Negative Energy from your life that is Holding You Back?

Are you carrying the pain from past?

Have you heard everyone telling you to forgive that event or person?

Had you said I forgive you to someone and still feel hatred for them?

Do you want to clear all that dark energy called HATRED?

forgiveIf yes, then you are no different from me.

Or anyone else.

You are normal feeling anger in your head and heart. And frustrating about how can you forgive anyone.

Here is your simple to follow four step guide to try your hands on this forgiveness drama.

With the easy to follow points and steps, you will be able to forgive even a devil.

No, seriously.

This simple guidebook will help you release all the negative energies.

And if you keep working on the process you will feel unburdened from all the unwanted space those unwanted events had in your heart.

Learn to free up that space of your hard disk a.k.a your heart and live more happy moments.

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How is this guide created?


This is a channeled guide.

I had worked with this guide.


In past, I had the worst situations which took away my peace of mind. I hated those who blamed me for nothing. I kept that grudge until last year.

All that hatred was taking me deep into some hell. I wanted to forgive them knowing that carrying that grudge is no more helpful and needed.

But there was no step by step process to do so. {I love everything that has clear steps}.

I searched the internet but found no clear steps. Many articles read and I was more frustrated.

My soul keeps nudging that it is the perfect time to forgive that event.

And so, crying one day I asked Angels to show me the perfect steps to Forgive everyone and myself as well.

Within minutes of praying, I was taken to the desk and I took papers and wrote the basic draft via automatic writing.

Later, I channeled this whole guide with 4 steps of Forgiveness.

Try it today, to start removing that baggage of past one at a time.

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