Tranquil Empath

Do you notice you feel things more intensely than others?

Do you take on other people's issues as if they are your own?

 Do you have absorbed the emotions around you and struggle to distinguish them from your own?

If you said yes to one of these questions, then you are an Empath and a highly attuned soul.

When you read that did you feel relief? A sense of naming what you already knew?

Many Empaths seek comfort in addictive behaviours, filling their emptiness with sugar, smoking, alcohol or even drugs.

But it doesn’t have to be this way

Empath children need proper mentoring, especially while they are transforming from teenagers to adults. If they aren't given guidance about their powers and gifts, they sometimes lose the love for their life. Then they are at risk of feeling as I did, longing to leave this planet and return to my real home.

When an Empath roams in this world without any proper knowledge of their life purpose they are lost.

Are you feeling lost?

Begin your spiritual awakening

Every empath need to find their spiritual path. I found mine through Reiki and trained to become a Reiki master and healer.

Slowly, I started connecting with my higher self, and from there  I was able to tune into my life purpose. That was when I finally understood why I was dropped on this earth.

What is your life purpose?

As an empath you’ll have to go through all the stages into spirituality one by one but you don’t have to do it alone.  

Your guide and spiritual mentor

I help empath women to understand:

What is the learning path of their life?

What are the tools and techniques to help them be tranquil? 

How can they better understand their gifts and powers?

This leads them to live in this world peacefully, with ease and grace.

Krishika came to me feeling confused, longing for peace in her career and life. After working with me here’s what she said;

“Kirti gave me a path to follow to find peace in my life. And she, in her friendly way asked me to follow each and every step in the message to get tranquility. It was so helpful. I had a reading in starting of this year, and I am following the tips Angels sent through Kirtti for me. I got so much clearance in all these months.”


How do I work?

I spend time getting to know you and then connect to your energy. We work together with angels, archangels, ascended Masters and different deities to create a life plan which can help you to live happy and peaceful adulthood.

Is this for you?

If you’re wondering whether we’re a good fit to work together, then ask yourself;

➻ do you feel confused about your gifts?

➻ are you looking for some personal boundaries?

➻ are you feeling unloved?

➻ Would you like to be energetically protected?

By the end of our sessions, you will feel tranquil about your powers.

➻ You will be able to set powerful boundaries so that you can feel unconditional love for others and yourself equally.

➻ You will learn to carry your Shield around so that you won't absorb any energies.

➻ You will know how to help the world be a more beautiful place to live in.

I had a Skype session (30 minutes 1:1 session) with Kirtti, on moms tackling work and children. Kirtti’s advice has been most useful. Kirtti was able to pick up that all my children were sensitive, she was able to give me advice that specifically suited each of my children’s personalities, my house is a lot calmer, my children a lot happier and I can now accomplish so much more. Kirrti’s advice has been truly divine.

thank you Kirtti xx

Azalea Rose

1 x 1 Coaching

1X 1 Coaching with Kirtti to get really clear of your blockages that you need to transform to create natural abundant lifestyle that you are destined to live.

Ioanna Margaroni


Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

Kirtti is a very gifted intuitive coach. Working with her was a delight as she embraced me with sincere care. I used to struggle with low self-esteem, which prevented me from launching my own business as a yoga instructor, a women’s circle facilitator, and a healer. As a result, I could not attract my first clients. Kirtti’s unique approach came from her intention to help me overcome my blockages which did not let me realize my fullest potential and appreciate my inner gifts. With her channeled messages and her custom-made meditations, she helped me clear any resistances and doubts about my self-worth and so my first clients and women’s circles started manifesting. As an empath myself, I enjoyed her intuitive guidance, because it made me feel that finally, someone understands me deeply. Overall, I felt safe and held.

Kathrina Joyce Salonga

What a wonderful and uplifting experience

Kirtti has been a delight to work with. She has a beautiful soul. Working with her is easy, like I’ve known her for a long time. She has the ability to find the good in every situation. When I consulted with her, she identified the blockages in my life. And she helped me release the negative energy that I didn’t know was keeping me from moving forward. Thank you for your help. Continue to share your light!

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