Empowered Empath

1 on 1 Session for Empaths

Do you feel that you feel everything too intensely?
Do you take over other people's issue too personally and feel guilty about it?
Do you have a problem in distinguishing your emotions with others?

If you said yes to even one of these questions then you are an Empath a Highly Sensitive.

You already know that you feel too deeply than anyone else. You already know that you need to set some boundaries. And you have been noticing that you feel guilty about other people's problems and you might get depressed.

As an empath, it is difficult to explain others about what you are going through. You feel trapped and left alone.

Most of the parents don't even know how to tackle Empath children and their mood swings. And so they become an Empath who is aim less.

The Empath usually feel mad about the invisible and unheard things they receive because of their gifts and powers.

Most of the Empaths take over the path of addiction. The addiction can be anything like feeling unloved, sugar, smoking alcohol or even drugs.

As an Empath child grows into an adult they feel frustrated about their gifts and powers because of no proper guidance or help. These Empath children need proper mentorship and help while they are transforming from teenagers to an adult.

If they aren't given the perfect basic guidance about their powers and gifts they sometimes lose the love for their life and many try to suicide. For them the life feels like a hell and without proper knowledge of their gifts and powers, they feel unloved and not fit for the Society.

Besides when you are an Empath all the feelings I talked about are so intense that they feel like a hundred times more deep and painful. When an Empath keep roaming around in this world without any proper knowledge of their life purpose for being on this earth and that makes them more frustrated.

Why Me?

I am Kirti and I am Empath. Even when everyone around me in my family loves me very deeply I never felt like I belong to this planet. I always feel homesick. I had been in search of true and intense love since childhood even though everybody gave me unconditional Love.

Each day was depressing because I used to think about leaving this planet and go to my real home. I wasn't sure where is that real home but I felt like I don't belong to this world. I don't belong to the family. I don't belong to my friends. I do not belong to anyone. I used to feel why not God won't wake me up one morning.

I was depressed about everything which people around me or my family members can't explain. It was difficult to tell them about how intense I feel everybody else's feeling. They had no idea of this type of spirituality and so it was difficult for them to mentor me into spirituality.

But every empath has to go through spiritual path no matter what.

And so one day I entered the door of meditation, later on, I learn Reiki and became Reiki master and healer.

Slowly, I started connecting with my higher self and inner self I actually connected to my spirit which converted me into a real spiritual being.

I was able to call myself a psychic. It was a new feeling a new life. That was when I was able to tune into my life purpose. That was when I was able to understand why I was dropped on this earth.

What was my life purpose and what am I doing here? That was the time when Everything changed for me and I started living life Happily Ever After.

From then on I started to see things in a new light. I was able to enjoy even in the hardships. I tried to see things in the new light and understood that it was for my own good.

Everything happens for my own good and for the good of everyone involved.

An empath has to go through all the stages into spirituality one by one. That is the end of their search for their life purpose. This is the only solution. When you introduce your child to spirituality it helps them to connect to their own self that can bring peace and clarity to their mind and life.

And here I enter

I help empath people and children to understand:
✔ what is the learning path of their life?
✔ what are the tools and techniques they need to help being tranquil?
✔ and how to understand their gift and powers?

So that they can live in this world peacefully and with ease.

I will connect to your energy and we will work with angels, archangels, ascended Masters and different deities to create a life plan which can help you to live happy and peaceful adulthood.

So, if you wish to transform your  life:

➻ from confused about your gifts

➻ from no set boundaries

➻ from feeling unloved

➻ from being energetically not shielded

➻ to clear about the powers

➻ to powerful set boundaries

➻ to be a tool of unconditional love

➻ to carry your lifetime energy shield

By the end of our sessions, you will feel tranquil about your powers.

You will be able to set powerful boundaries so that you can feel unconditional love for others and yourself equally.

You will learn to carry your Shield around so that you won't absorb any energies.

You will feel relaxed about you powers and gifts and embrace each moment of life.

You will enjoy the time here on this planet connecting with other people more easily and helping the world be a beautiful place to live in.

In each package, you will receive numerous sessions to work with me on any situation or issue. I will guide you throughout the time we work together to help you be an empowered Empath.

Check out the packages to know more.

Breakthrough Session

In this session you will get:

  • 90 minutes of 1:1 call via Facebook Messenger or Skype
  • Your most intriguing questions
  • Clear steps to be taken to move forward.
  • A plan to help you.
  • More helpful Resources

Your Investment: $500


In this session you will get:

You can either choose to meet personally in the Capital of India i.e. Delhi in a private setting. 

Or you can choose to spend a day at your home with a Virtual meeting.

  • 8 hours of meeting
  • Answer to all your questions
  • Detailed plan for your future
  • Step by step intuitive guidance
  • An Hour break for lunch and ponder the suggestions and guidance provided

Your Investment: $9,500 [instead of $ 11,000]

Premium Month

In this package you will get:

  • 4 sessions of 60 minutes each {via Facebook Messanger or Skype}
  • A detailed card reading.
  • NLP Session
  • Recorded custom-made Guided Meditation
  • A Code of Light and instructions to use it.

Your Investment: $2444

Diamond Year

In this package you will get:

  • Monthly support - 4 sessions of 60 minutes each
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • NLP sessions
  • Tarot card readings for any specific issue
  • A Personalized Code of Light
  • Realm Reading
  • Hypnosis meditation

Your Investment: $25,000 [instead of $ 29,000]

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