21 epic signs you need to know about an Empath

There is a difference between Sensitive and Empath children.

Your child could be sensitive but there are signs that if you find very strong in your child’s nature, can prove that your child is Empath instead of just sensitive.

Highly sensitive children feel things and environment but Empaths are different.

An Empath person or child feel everything 10 times deeper and stronger. They are the day dreamers who build all the beautiful things that can’t sometimes be created in real life.

Empath is a word with is usually used for empathy which means feeling things about others.

They talk things that no one ever told them. It shows that they carry forward the knowledge from different past life times.

They are usually called genius due to their creativity but could fail in exams. Empaths don’t believe in human schooling ideas and pattern. They had been visiting so many galaxies and time zone in past where nothing is normal. Where they have accumulated such vast knowledge that they feel bored of age old study pattern.

Empaths are the people or children who love music, art or creation. They love anything that can bring positive energy.

And so empaths are totally different from Sensitive children.


Here are few points to check about a person or your child being Empath.

1. Knowing things without being told:

Empath children and adults usually talk things which they never read or been told about. It is wonderful to hear them talking things mature than their age. Most of the times little Empath children tell stories that are from their past lives. Yes, they remember those things as well.

2. Being in public places is tiring and overwhelming:

Oh My God. How many times your child refused to go to family functions. Or how many times your little Empath started crying in the crowd. Empath children feel the energies around them. They usually absorb all the negative energies like a sponge. And so, you need to learn ways to protect and shield them.

3. Getting into the shoes of other:

Ah yes! They actually can feel things that densely. They feel each word and so they read each word slowly of a book {even the suspense thriller}. Empaths feel every word and emotions strongly. And that brings us to our next point.

4. Feel sick after watching  violence or News:

They easily feel sick while watching a News or violence. They feel the bad in the picture and easily feel sick. So, if you feel bad while watching News make sure to stop watching it too much.

5. Always shy and hideous:

Empaths are deeply shy. They don’t like to be talked about. They don’t like to talk people too much. But they spend time all alone This makes them feel safe. They feel comfortable with close family members as they get used to their energy and it makes them comfortable.

6. Drained energy:

As they are sensitive it is common for them to feel the energy depletion too often. They feel like being sick around negative people or when someone is talking bad things or gossiping. It makes them feel sick easily and that’s why they don’t like to go in gatherings.

7. Addictive to sugar, things or behavior:

The voices in their mind play so loud that they feel like being mad. So they find ways and things to relax these sounds. They wish to silence all the glimpse and guidance provided by the Universe. Usually, the parents are not aware of the power of their Empath children and so they don’t understand what the children are going through.

8. Creative:

They are super creating just because they download all the Universal knowledge easily. And that is why their bag is always full of new ideas all the time. And that sometimes creates a problem because they got so many ideas at any one moment that they rarely finish the last one.

9. Drawn towards healing modalities:

Every alternative healing modality usually brings in the Universal Life Force Energy. And that’s why Empath children tend to turn towards one or more holistic ways to heal their body, mind, and soul. Sometimes in life, they get that hunch to learn Reiki or Qi-gong and that urge is so strong that they learn that modality without much delay.

10. Love to be alone:

As I already talked about this in point 5 this is pretty clear why empaths like to be all alone. They want to feel the calmness in being alone and feel the freedom.

11. Love nature or being out:

Nature helps the human body to heal peacefully and release all the negative energies in our energy field. And that is why Empath children and adult feel great in nature. They love to go for

12. Lie detector:

This is big for parents of Empath children. The younger your child the easier for them to detect all the lies and truths.

13. Adventurous, loves freedom and traveling:

These are common traits usually find in any New age children and people but Empaths are truly adventurous and love to travel around the world meeting new people. They do anything to feel the essence of being free. If they feel anything is stopping them from being free they become rebellious.

14. Hate the routines, rules or control:

Empath children and especially teenagers are people with free will. They love to feel the freedom throughout the day and in their relationships. So, that why they hate routines and rules. They are intolerant to any kind of negative control. And they become rebellious if they are proved to be wrong when they are not. Installing a routine since childhood is necessary as they won’t follow your rules once they cross their toddler years.

15. Intolerant to egoistic people:

They try to keep themselves away from ego but tend to be egoistic if they live with people like that. The environment is the reason for such impact on them. otherwise, empath people hate egoistic people. They try to be away from such groups or people.

16. Excellent listener:

If you let them speak and listen to them then they are a great listener. They need to be heard before they listen to others. And once they feel they are noticed and heard they become the best listener.

17. Tend to carry weight:

Empath feels emotions so strongly that many of them tend to overeat when they feel sad or hurt. Emotional eating tends to bring them the feeling of being safe. And so they accumulate fat around their body which is a kind of safety shield for empath children. Exercising becomes their enemy because they feel safe and alone being lousy. So, install the love for exercising from very young age.

18. Sense the energies of everything:

Just like a Lie Detector, they are an Energy detector as well. They feel the energy of everything and everyone. Living or Non-Living. They feel and usually use this power to find the past of the things and people through this gift of strong sensing. If their gift of feeling everything is very strong then they can usually sense the energies of a building, person, thing or even an event.

19. Great Counsellor:

Empaths download the Universal knowledge so fast and easily that they tend to counsel people about their problems in life very easily. They usually don’t know where the solution comes from but they talk like an adult who is almost 100 years of age. They are too mature for their age when they are in a helping mode or serving someone with a solution.

20. Energy absorber:

I already talked about this point almost everywhere. If the empath has strongest clairsentient then they tend to feel energies 10x more than a normal person. And they also absorb all the energies around them easily. That is why I told you that they have pains in their body. The best solution for this is to shield them with white light and teach them to do so before going out of the house.

21. Great in Manifesting:

Empaths are a great in manifesting for not only themselves but others as well. They have childlike faith in Universe and even if they say they don’t believe they have that feeling that all will be provided. They pray for others and they manifest it. But the sign of warning is that due to this faith they easily manifest negative issues, relationships or events in life. So if your child is an empath make sure to love them and show them the best of this world otherwise they can easily manifest the sad events and relationships later in life.


So that was quite a list.

I love to talk to people and usually moms about Empath children.

We live in an age when we have all the tools and mentors helping us to up bring a healthy and happy child. Our focus is to raise peaceful children.

And all those parents who take actions by investing in their child at an early age make sure that their child is a peaceful soul growing into a tranquil adult.

The Empath children who receive the guidance of a mentor at the earliest age usually honor their life, body, and family. They tend to be less addictive and less violent later in their adulthood.

Being a parent, it is our duty to bring the knowledge of new age to our children and help them to feel the freedom and peace on this Earth.

Recently, I found an awesome game to introduce Meditation to your children. Read this post to find out how to calm your Hyperactive empath child.

So, that’s all for the list. If you like it share it with your friends and family.

And if you wish to talk about your Empath child then you can use this link to book a free session.

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