Lets go for a Dragon Ride

Pretty awesome topic. Dragons. I know many of us get an image of a fire emitting reptile who feels to be fearful of. I felt the same until I was introduced to the Fire emitting Mighty Dragons.

Working with Angels and Archangels is something I love and didn’t want to work with these new Divine beings.

But as we grow on the spiritual journey we learn and contact different beings at different times. I heard about them from Sara but decided to keep myself away from them.

After some days I did a Meditation of Diana Cooper and she called upon Mighty Dragons. That was when I really saw my first Dragon in mind’s eye.

My first Dragon glimpse and later I started channeling Codes that are actually a kind of portal.

I will write more about it in an upcoming post.

In her last posts, Sara shared her experiences about healing through Spirit. {Read the posts HERE and HERE}

But for now, let’s fasten our seatbelts and take a drive on this awesome Dragon Ride where Sara will guide us ahead.




The Dragon’s Ride

All aboard!

Once seated, please pull down the bar in front of you until it latches into place.

I’m going to go ahead and ask that you keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. And, if you have small children, keep them tight by your side.

This road might get bumpy at times and maybe a little dangerous.

My name is Sara, I’ll be your trusty tour guide as we travel through the canyons, caves, and wonders to come face-to-face with The Dragons.

That’s right, folks, real Dragons.

They might look a little different to what you expect, but I invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

As we approach the first canyon, on your left, I ask you to consider one thing. Do you believe in Dragons?

Sometimes they show up around us as winged beasts who breathe fire; other times they may appear as a new best friend.

Now, to your left, you’ll see a stereotypical dragon. Scales, claws, wings and ferocious breath. (Don’t worry, she’s told us she won’t flambé anyone on our tour.)

She’s agreed to be a part of our project so we can show you one from Dragons take. Don’t let her reptilian exterior fool you. She is a highly advanced creature, and she happens to be using telepathy to speak to all of you right now.

Listen closely, you may hear her as a voice outside your head, or even with your ears.

Not sure if you hear her? Don’t worry about that, she is still speaking to you and your subconscious is receiving the message.

We’ve agreed to keep her actual identity a secret, but she is one of what many would call Ascended Masters. She walked the Earth as a human being, returned to Source and has taken this physical form for our benefit.

Her purpose on Earth was to activate the original Christ Consciousness grid that was a part of the Earth in primordial times. Before humans were human, before Lucifer’s fall, before duality swept through the planet.

She carried this energy in her being and through carrying it, she was able to activate specific physical locations by combining her energy with that of the site. Like putting a plug in a socket, she began to bring the grid online.

Whoa! Hold on folks, we’re on the move again. Don’t worry, you’ll have time for more photos of these magnificent beings as we move ahead.

Now, I’d like to draw your attention to the space around these vehicles. We are going to be passing through an energetic portal to reach our next stop. Be sure you and the kids are inside the cars, we don’t want any missing limbs!

You’ll experience a brief silence and then we’ll emerge the other…

…Side. Phew! That gets me every time.

We’ve just crossed through an energetic portal that allows us to transcend 3D time and space. Dragons are the masters of portals and time travel. They have existed since before time was even cool enough to warrant watches to keep track of it. Right now, as we speak, there are Dragons all around us helping us to acclimate to this new dimension and frequency.

When we’re back on Earth, they do the same thing.

Like spirit guides, The Dragons act as guardians for our planet and our energies. They connect with us when it is time to change and bring us new energies and align us with our highest purpose if we so choose.

They won’t interfere with our free will, but if they know we have chosen a spiritual path, they’ll work right along side of us.

We’ll be continuing on the ride since you’ve all made it through the portal and started to adjust.

You’ll notice that we are approaching a building to the right. The Dragons have projected this holographic image so our minds can comprehend what sits before us.

They are the librarians of the Universe and they’re showing us the Akasha. The Akasha is all that is known, has even been known and will ever be known. This body of knowledge is not limited to our personal records, it IS the fabric of the Universe.

The Dragons maintain these records and are showing us this library to represent the vast amount of knowledge they curate.

Now, we can’t go in the libraries on today’s ride, but we can ask to visit at night, in our dream work.

Some of you may need to shield your eyes, we’ll be entering the Dragon’s cave just ahead. It can be quite bright in there.

Once again, I ask you all to keep your hands and children inside the vehicle. Although we are seeing vast stores of jewels, gold and more treasure than you can possibly imagine, you cannot take any of it with you.

The Dragons have again, created a holograph for our enjoyment.

Dragons are masters at manifesting. Not only can they instantly manifest anything, they help us to do the same. They connect us with the deepest, most aligned parts of ourselves to bring our dreams into reality.

We’ll be moving through the Dragon’s Cave for a few more moments, so allow yourselves to take in all the treasure that surrounds us before passing through another portal to return…

…to Earth.

Man! I never manage to get my entire message in before coming through the portals!

On behalf of The Dragons, spiritual guardians of Gaia and her people, I thank you for joining us on today’s ride. We do ask that you remove all personal items, including children, from your seat and wait for the bar to raise before disembarking the ride. Please watch your step and enjoy your day.


Wheeeew! What an awesome ride it had been. It was mesmerizing. I wish I could stay there for some more minutes. Well, not a problem we will connect to the dragons soon.

Well, about portals which Sara told you, I had been channeling a few portals for specific situations like healing body, releasing fear, etc. I will talk about this later in the upcoming post.

So, did you like this ride as much as I loved it? If yes, then share your views, questions, and experiences.


About Sara:

Sara Hocking is a Spiritual Alchemist and Channel for the collective consciousness of The Dragons. Originally from the United States, she currently resides in Australia and facilitates Inner Alchemy© healing sessions; intuitive readings and Dragon Circles worldwide. Read Sara’s other guest posts HERE and HERE

If you are interested in connecting with your spirit dragon, be sure to check out her free meditation at www.sarahocking.com/freebies (and select the dragon meditation)

Live in Light,




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