Healing story – I will buy your Warts

Today we will meet Sara Hocking, who is a Spiritual Alchemist. I met her in a facebook group and I felt as though I knew her already. I didn’t say anything to her about this. Well, I asked her to write something for my tribe to tell us some real life experiences with spirits or angels. She told me that she had two experiences of healing at spirit level. I never had such experiences myself so I asked her to write it for us.

So, without wasting any time I will let Sara take over the post and tell us the story.




Healing Story:

“You’re not going to believe this,” Megan’s text message said. “They are gone. Completely gone. It’s a miracle!”

I wasn’t sure what was gone, but I was hoping it was something good.

Megan told me that all warts that she had had on the bottom of her feet were no longer there.

Megan and I had traded readings/healing sessions a few days before. She gave me a ton of amazing info I could use in my business and I was able to channel her grandparents and ancestors who had never before come through in a reading. Megan had had countless readings and trades with other spiritual friends, but they had never presented themselves. She was elated during our session and able to match up to her known relatives with the descriptions I gave her.

One of her sets of grandparents kept showing me images of specific candy, it was like a tour through Willy Wonka’s factory. These were grandparents she had spent time with while living and they always had homemade candy in the house. For family events, ¾ of the table was candy and desserts, the other ¼ was the meal.

Megan had grown up in a Mennonite family, but had broken from her family and the religion years before. One of her grandfathers is a Mennonite minister, who is still living. Typically, I can pick up energy from living people, but they come through a bit differently in readings than someone who has passed away. The feeling is a more like having limited access to the individual than being able to speak directly with them.

I had to ask Megan multiple times if he had passed away or was living because he was so clearly there with me. Having no contact with her family, she was almost certain he was still living. She checks for an obituary from time-to-time and has never seen one.

This grandfather was a very wart-y fellow. He always had warts all over his body. He used to tease his grandchildren and say he would buy their warts when they were little.

Megan was able to provide me with details to fill in information gaps or to substantiate the information I was getting. She had been living with a fair amount of guilt. She knew that she was born into her family to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and to enter into the ministry. But, it’s quite hard to be a minister in a faith that isn’t for you.

When she left her family, name, and religion behind, she left behind this version of her “destiny” to set a new course, literally.

Megan was concerned because she had severed the relationship that she had with him and had not lived up to the expectations that were put upon her. During our session, she was able to meet him, on the soul plane, the etheric level where everything is possible.

Megan was able to converse with her grandfather. Share her sorrows and grief. She sought his forgiveness and offered her own.

The tears of truth rained down her face throughout our conversation. She could feel the energy shift between the two of them. By the end of our session, she was at peace.

With no expectation other than moving forward without the energetic baggage she had started our call with, we ended the call.

Within three days, I received the text messages from Megan telling me about the miracle healing. She had cleared the energy with her grandfather and he had bought warts from her.

Nearly a month later, we were together, in person. Megan showed me where her warts had been, all along the edge of her foot. You couldn’t tell anything had ever been there. When I looked really closely, I could see the new skin growing under the top, translucent layers.

We had created a miraculous physical healing!

**Megan’s name is fictitious to protect her anonymity, but the rest of the “story” is entirely true.

** Update: Check her another story about healing >> HERE**



About Sara: healing_sarahocking

Sara Hocking is a keeper of secrets, magickal tour guide, and Spiritual Alchemist. Her work is geared towards helping others transform and live the life they have always imagined. When she’s not working, you can find her on the beach or dream up her next travel adventure. You can connect with Sara on her website; Facebook; or join her Facebook Group, The Alchemist’s Lounge.


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