Healing story – Walking through Fire

I heard many stories of healing through spiritual connections of past lives, but what my friend Sara had to tell us was enormous. She shared a beautiful healing story of one of her friends in our past blog post.

And today it is her own story about how she healed by letting go the past and power of forgiveness.

Without wasting your time I will let Sara tell us her story.


Sara’s story of healing

As I sat through my second client call for the day with socks on my feet, despite the 85-degree temperatures and an ice pack under them, I was nearing my limit. Not my client limit, my physical threshold.

Not my client limit, my physical threshold.

For the second day in a row, my feet were sore, swollen and hot. No cream or spray or rub or soak was giving me any relief. My feet looked like they had developed athlete’s foot between all my toes and on the soles and along the sides. I also had manifested blistery pustules just under the balls of my feet, where my feet struck the ground as I walked and on the underside of my toes. The tops of my feet looked like someone had put in an IV line and was feeding fluid directly into them.

This malady didn’t make sense. I had been working on clearing limiting beliefs and doing conscious mindset work every day. Feet are often related to moving forward in life and taking steps into the future. I wasn’t scared or uncertain about my future. I was co-creating it. And I was ready to move forward, which made me even more puzzled about the energetic reason for my feet to feel like I had been walking on coals.

All physical injury and illness is an energetic manifestation. Our bodies are energy, but the energy is denser than thought or emotion. Sometimes our thought and emotion can become trapped in the more dense body. And tThis is when we get sick or hurt. As we unravel emotion and thought patterns, we can get to the bottom of any physical malady we have.

I had already seen a miracle, in this regard, with my friend, Megan, and her disappearing warts. Be sure to check out that tale of truth if you have not already done so.

Finally, I was done with my client work for the day, so I sat in the recliner, with my feet elevated, with an ice pack on them.

As I did so, I texted Megan and told her what was going on and how much my feet were hurting.

She immediately asked who in my family was a witch. I come from a long line of muggles. Or, witches so in the dark, they don’t even know they have magical powers. She told me it was a grandmother or great-grandmother, someone from a different era.

My mind filled with my Muggle lineage, but I had no help to give her for who she was talking about. She told me that a female spirit had presented herself and she was wearing “old style” clothes.

Immediately, I could see this woman and her dress in my mind’s eye. We worked out that this woman was from a past lifetime and I knew her then, but not in this lifetime.

Megan shared that this woman lived in the 19th-20th turn of the century France. She had been my student, my protégé. This spirit woman had also done something that I had expressly told her not to do. In doing so, she had been labeled a witch and a heretic and sentenced to death.

Rather than allowing my student to die, I had, in that lifetime, taking the blame. I believed that my magic was strong enough to allow me to transcend any pain of death the authorities could exact upon me.

Megan continued to give me more and more detail.

Rather than being put to death right away, I was tortured in nearly every way imaginable. The torture took a toll on my mental and spiritual fitness and made it nearly impossible for me to summon the energy to continue.

In the end, I had been burned at the stake, with my feet taking the brunt of the pain until I was lifeless. I was manifesting that pain and heat again in this lifetime. The swollen pustules and peeling skin were to draw my attention to this lifetime and the spirit presenting herself.

Megan helped me connect with this energy and to understand that all the spirit woman wanted was forgiveness. Once I forgave her, she would be able to leave. As soon as I did so, I felt a tingling in my feet. The heat started to leave and instantly felt a bit of relief. Within 5 minutes, the swelling and heat were nearly gone and I could tolerate standing up again.

By the end of the day, my feet were back to normal and I had no residual burning, dryness or pain.

Over a month later, my feet feel better than they ever have. I’m no longer plagued with the constant dry feet that I’ve had my entire life. I don’t feel the pain in my arches that I had felt since I was a teen.

Another miracle healing with Megan. Again, through the power of forgiveness.

**Megan’s name is fictitious to protect her anonymity, but the rest of the “story” is entirely true.

About Sara: healing_sarahocking

Sara Hocking is a keeper of secrets, magickal tour guide, and Spiritual Alchemist. Her work is geared towards helping others transform and live the life they have always imagined. When she’s not working, you can find her on the beach or dream up her next travel adventure. You can connect with Sara on her website; Facebook; or join her Facebook Group, The Alchemist’s Lounge.



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