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Each day, your whole life, you open your eyes with a thought in your mind. The mind brings almost 60000+ thoughts a day. And that starts speaking each moment since you wake up. You think that you can change it. But feel unable to stop these thoughts.

Every week you feel very tired to stop these thoughts and change your life. But this is impossible to do. Your life feels stuck and you search different sources to transform your existence.

Does those paid or free courses provided, present any solutions? Sometimes. And Sometimes not. Your life feels creepy. And the focus shifts to a different thought.

So the life is all about the game of mind.

Have you tried any ideas that could you the best life solutions ever? Almost most of the times the answer is no, actually a big NO.

And then you feel stuck in your life purpose. Which is actually a very important issue in your life?

We all are like that.

The life is a great lesson and a place to refine our life. You might have a thing that you can change your life and fail. But don’t you like to find a great option to help you. Don’t you have a great list of your hobby or options to follow and read? Don’t you find or get attracted towards some mentor?

Yes, of course. You have already had intuitions or signs for great help sent from the Divine and Creator. And then there is another great difficulty. The money {mostly}. Otherwise no support from the near or dear ones. But…

But the most important is that you have a great capability that you possess. You are not sent to Earth just to serve freely to everyone. Giving all the time. You are meant to create a wonder. Which might not get noble prize yet could help you feel satisfied.

And all the big dreams accompany great fear.

So what is the solution?

Simple. You need a great deal of self-capability to train yourself for success in everything. Seriously it is the hardest rule and lesson for some of us. But you need to create a game plan to do so. You deserve the best and that’s why you are sent on earth. You can call upon divine helpers.

But if you have an issue due to low self –esteem, then note down on a paper big enough… “I can create anything anytime.”

This is very simple and easy to implement in your life to take charge in your life. You have a small temporary life now. So do whatever you like finish it. Shout out loud about what you love. This will bring a great and simple lesson. And this will bring a great deal of satisfaction to your heart. So, this will increase your energy to a great positive level. And then you would learn to live a new life.

Our ancestors

They had great knowledge and a better way to live life. They believed in almost everything. And try to live an optimistic life. They have rules to live a happy life and they used to follow them.

There is no need for you to learn and read all the religious or sacred scripture to learn to live a happy life.

Only a few things usually change our life.

And if you are a mom then you have a great responsibility. Because you are responsible for taking care and creating abundance in two families. One is your maternal family and one in which you got married. You are responsible for being the one to raise a whole new generation which could create a better and happy life.

This is possible only if you have restful behavior. And your actions come in by taming your mind in an affirmative way.

In past people used to think that Meditation or any holistic activity needs lots of their time and is actually difficult. And many of us are still really ignorant about this simple myth.

The myth is you need practice for sure to follow any holistic routine in life. But you are not bound to do it for sure. And mainly by rules. You can use your intuition and like to work on meditation and prayers.

And that is why I created a guidebook which is filled with meditations, prayers, declarations and worksheets. This simple to follow guidebook will help you to let meditation enter you daily routine, yet very silently. You will understand by reading that this guidebook is one of its kind, which will break your myth about holistic life.

You will learn very powerful meditations which are as easy as a child’s play. You would be able to change your life for a great future.

This will help you to create a life which your family will love. you will be more tranquil than ever and which will bring positive effects in all the areas of your life. Why? Because you are a great Creator. You are one with our Creator. You are a MOTHER.

And you have granted a great responsibility to raise very happy, healthy and peaceful children with your tactics and intuition.


So, are you ready to change your life for the goodness of your life.

Are you ready to bring peaceful daily routine one step at a time?

And, are you ready to be called best and happy momma by your kids?

If you answered YES to each of these three sentences, then you are ready to dive into the eBook “Magical Guidebook for Tranquil Mom”.

And if you still have any procrastination then this is not your inner voice it is the voice of your EGO.

Do you want to let your Ego win and let your ego drive you each day towards tiredness, frustration and guilt?

If NO, then order you copy now.

And that’s too only by making sure that this eBook is the perfect for your life.

Stop thinking and go to THIS page to read more and order at

Till next time stay tuned.

And all your queries are welcomed here in the comments or at spiritualcuratives[at]gmail[dot]com

Live in Light,



Kirti is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Realm Reader and NLP Practitioner. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Angel reader, Tarot Card Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Crystals Therapist, Psychic Medium and SpiritualCounselor.

About Kirti

Kirti is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Realm Reader and NLP Practitioner. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Angel reader, Tarot Card Reader, Oracle Card Reader, Crystals Therapist, Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor.

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