Sensitive or a Child with disorder?

Hola lovely peeps,

Let me tell you something.

I wasn’t a back bencher, but I hated mathematics. I still don’t like numbers and can’t solve simple math’s problems.

Well, I am not the only one.

I loved the languages. So, may it be English, Sanskrit or Hindi? I loved all the text work where I could understand easily in simple language.

{Oh yes I am a very slow reader as well. But I love it.}

There are so many people who are like me. And in old times we were not categorized in any names because of lack of attention in a few subjects. Yes, parent’s used to scolding us. But that was a matter of thing inside the house.

But these days kids are active than us. They are open to the electronic world.

And hyperactive kids, who could not sit in one place, or who don’t follow even simple instructions are labeled with a different name. They are categorized as ADD or ADHD.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that appears in early childhood. You may know it by the name attention deficit disorder or ADD. ADD/ADHD makes it difficult for people to inhibit their unprompted responses—responses that can involve everything from movement to speech to attentiveness.

Actually, there are many kids with this problem, who actually need medical help. But many of them are Sensitive children.

Many Sensitive children are categorized as ADD or ADHD.



How to differentiate if your child has ADHD or she is a sensitive child?

According to Archangel Metatron,

“All the children of God are same. They are sensitive and need the same kind of love and care. But due to some past life karmas, they chose to birth with some or other kind of disorders. For us, they are equal and identical without any error.

But for human beings around them, they are cataloged in different categories.

In this new era, there are many divines and pure souls taking birth to help earth revive and survive. They are coming to earth to help others and bring light back to this planet.

There is a thin line between these sensitive children and those with some disorder.  The children who born with any mental disorder are a little different from these sensitive children.”



Who are these Sensitive Children?

These children with pure light around them are different. They are calm and wiser.

While a child with some disorder has difficulty to understand your simplest of instructions and they look to be lost in their daydreams, the sensitive children are diverse.

A sensitive child might look like daydreaming while in class, but that is because they grab your instructions within the first impression.

These Hyperactive Sensitive children might look as cranky as a child with ADHD, but there is dissimilarity.

The Sensitive child will be cranky because he won’t be able to tell you the hidden meanings behind their birth.

Sensitive children know that they are not born to study these words or numbers. They know that they are born to bring peace and harmony to this planet. They know but due to the different kind of upbringing and conditioning since birth, this knowledge pressed in somewhere in a corner. This all information resides in their subconscious mind.

They have a memory that bringing light to this earth is their main career in this life. And that is why they feel cranky in schools.

Because they remember that all these subjects are just the outer polishing while with time they forget about their true nature.

Sensitive children come to this earth to recreate the heaven of love. And that is why they keep feeling lost until they find their true life purpose.

As soon as they understand their life purpose, it becomes their only path to walk. They need mentors and parents who could guide them to easily walk on this path.

Sensitive children are highly gifted and their purpose of birth is different from other children. They should not be mistreated and must not be feed by medicines to calm their hyperactive and cranky mind.

You must know how to raise your sensitive child better.

If you haven’t read the post about how to know that your child is a  sensitive child, please read it before getting any further.

Please read more about them on the internet. Read as much as you can.



And from next week I will be writing a series on how to treat and raise Sensitive newborns {age 0 – 2 years old}, Sensitive toddlers {age 3 – 7}, Sensitive Young kids {Age 8 – 12}, Sensitive teenagers {Age 13 – 19} and Sensitive Adults {age 20+}.

Every week you can read a new blog post about sensitive children.

I am writing this series just to help Sensitive children and their parents.

I am parenting a Sensitive child and I myself am a Sensitive adult. These are what I am experiencing while on a journey of motherhood.

Even if your child is not a sensitive child who is here as a light-worker on earth, these posts will help you in raising a positive child.

Till then let us know what you think about these gifted kids. And comment your views here under this post.

Live in Light,




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