Sensitive people – heal away the addictions

Aloha beauties,

Hope you are here enjoying each post with me. I love to share things I know. When I write I feel as though God is writing through me. And I love to be called Goddess Kirti. Well, today I would love to share more of my thoughts about the sensitive beings on this earth.

By now you would have known who the sensitive one in your family is. That person could be a child or an adult. Even if it’s a child who is sensitive, you need to understand about the addictions they can catch.


Addictions could be of anything. Wanting too much attraction from a loved one can also be a kind of addiction. And be aware of these little things to help them heal any addiction. Addiction can be of anything, may it be sweets or clothes. It could be excessive eating or be talking. Drinking and smoking are usually a very common known form of addictions. But anything that is done in excess could be called an addiction for sensitive people.

Most of the times, the sensitive person don’t understand that they are addicted to something, and even their loved ones cannot able to help them. Sensitive children or adults are like a sponge and that is why they absorb all the energies around them. And they absorb negative energies in excess. They feel low almost all the time. That is why they feel lack of love around them.

Sensitive people feel negative about themselves and all those around them because of this absorption of others energy. They feel empty and unguided because of all the energies they are absorbing. This is because they are not aware of their potential and true nature of being an empath. This is because they are always being compared to others, most of whom those are not that much sensitive. Their parents don’t know much about the sensitive nature of these people. So, the sensitive person wasn’t able to get the positive outlook towards their natural gifts.

When sensitive children are not able to understand this emptiness and misguided feeling they start filling themselves up. This filling of any kind, it could be food, sweets, alcohol, gambling, excess work, and excess love for cleaning or anything you could imagine. They start filling their emptiness with a habit or love for something. They start just filling themselves up without knowing what they are doing. Even those around them to don’t know anything about this.

So, what can they do?

Sensitive people need to learn how to clear their aura from absorbing unwanted energies from other people.

For this, they need to learn about themselves with the help of a mentor. It is better to understand their true type of nature to live a happy and healthy life. For any sensitive person, it is better to recognize how to tackle their sensitive nature. Once they learn about themselves it could be easy for them to fill up the empty feeling they have.

It is needed for them to learn to shield themselves from any energy around them. Learning is the lifelong activity for them. Each and every way they need to acquire knowledge about themselves.

For parents of sensitive…

It is essential for the parents of sensitive children to identify their child’s energy type as early as possible. They need to know that if their children behave in a sensitive way almost all the time then it is possible that they are sensitive or empath energy children. The parents need to learn more about the nature of sensitive children or adults. You can read a little bit here or on the internet.

As soon as you understand that your child is an empath who absorbs the energy of other people, you need to connect with a psychic or spiritual counselor to get help for your child. You must find a better mentor for your child to help him/her grow as a healthy and strong sensitive adult.

Why Me…

Any sensitive person will ask why he/she is made this way. Being sensitive or empath is a kind of natural gift which warns you in any condition through feelings. If you, a sensitive person, learn to handle this energy side of your then it could be a very helpful gift in your whole life.

So, it is advised to accept your gift and learn more and more about it.

Prayer to heal away your addictions…

Once you understand about your addiction then it is time to pray God to help you heal away any addictions. You can meditate to heal away your addictions. Here is a prayer I am writing for anyone who wants to heal:sensitive

“Dear God,

I request you to help me in any way to accept my sensitive nature and heal away the addictions I have. Please fill up the emptiness that I feel, with love and positive energy. Help me to find strength and happiness with my gift of sensitivity. Please guide me each day.

Thank you.”


Enjoy your gifts and your true self as it is. Please share your journey of healing any addictions. We would love to know about your sensitive side and it’s power as well. Please share your love with us.

Live in light,




Kirtti is an Energy Alchemist who detects the negative energy of her clients and transform it into abundance with Spiritual Guidance. She is a Certified Life Coach. She is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher, Realm reader, Master NLP Practitioner, and Hypnotist. In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Card reader, Angel reader, Meditation Coach, Psychic and Medium. Her expertise is to bring on easy to consume and follow steps to come out of any problems.