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Why Choose Spiritual Curatives?

Highest Possible Guidance

We at Spiritual Curatives believe in creating lasting relationships with our Clients aka our extended family. We provide you each guidance to help you walk peacefully on the path of tranquility and peace. Every guidance is channeled only for you with the help of Divine Guides like Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Master, fairies and many more.

Crafted with Unconditional Love

Imagine finding a one stop shop where you can resolve all your issues about existing in this world as an Empath and bringing tranquility in your life. We bring the guidance in a step by step way by tapping into your energy. So that you wont receive any cookie cutter solutions for your queries.

Personalized Help

We believe in serving you with the best possible way to help you implement each guidance provided by Divine Universal Guides in your life. So that, you can enjoy every area of your life by embracing your true powers and unique personality as an Empath. You will  embrace your Divine Gifts with love and Light.


Spiritual Curatives helps you change your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining your behaviours, habits, and goals, they delve into your deep-rooted beliefs and your connection to the divine.


What You'll Get

​Get a clear picture of your Divine self and connect to your soul.

Assessment of your energy type and more before your personalized call for VIP Coaching session.

Personalized guidance only according to your energy.

Readings done in a sacred space to connect deeply to Guides to bring only the positive guidance.

You will walk on a new path towards enlightenment.

 You will be able to see across the veil that you never thought was there.

Work on a spiritual level and not on the worldly level.

You will unleash your hidden powers and gifts that you already possess.

Sandra Webling
Chaitanya Mishra

Thank You

Kirti gave me a reading from a photograph of my brother who has passed away, her reading was precise and accurate, things only my brother knew she remarked on. it was wonderful to know he is around me. Kirti also continued to stay a friend through the power of the internet and I believe she has been sent a gift to help guide her towards helping others . I can not thank her enough for her reading but her friendship is invaluable as well xx

Thank you for help Kirti...

BYOH – Be Your Own Healer, a miraculous service strapped me with the healing techniques & also connected me with the Divine Angels. Initially, I was too curious to know how this service is going to benefit me. After getting information and clearing my queries, I was too sure to get this service with a thought of expanding the “Live in Light” phrase that Spiritual Curatives is themed on. As soon as I got my report, it made me feel as if it is some report card of mine which has all solution to my problems as to ‘How I am going to serve my future from NOW and make it more and more brighter’. Certainly the report was very detailed, descriptive and to-the-point. Necessary information was written in the pages which really made me feel that I am surrounded by Angels who wants to call them to receive their help and are giving me divine guidance or messages from heaven. I could easily connect to the Archangels. I started following the custom-made meditation and honestly I could bathe every day in bliss & joy. It is almost these kinds of days now where I no longer worry about my future or prick over my past and be sad over my choices but know that each passing day I am growing stronger within. Things that I used to blame no longer worries me as this connection showed me slowly and steadily that things which were not meant for me were really Angel’s way of assuring me that ‘Much better things are kept aside for my future’.. Thank you Kirti for helping me become a ‘Peaceful & Powerful soul'.

A novel experience

Be Your Own Healer {BYOH} service was a very novel experience for me. I thought to open the treasure chest to know future holds and how to present problems can be resolved. As soon as I got the report and started working upon it in detailed it left me a positive sparkle over me. Indeed, it made my thoughts changed from dark to light, from heaviness to lightness and from negative to affirmative.

From customised meditation, i had gained the energy wave of "stop worrying" as now I know that things may take time in getting better but at a later stage they are going to be fine and much better than our thoughts. It was nice to have a service done by you.

Thank you Kirti for your help.

Thank you Kirti

Thank You so much, I got to know about this service from my friend, she told me about the magic she felt after coming in contact with Kirti di. That time when she guide me about all this, my life was very negative and dull, I really needed some magic that can uplift my confidence towards my own life...Kirti di through her service {BYOH} and support really added spark into my life. I have gained my smile. I have started loving myself.Thank you so very much for you support and help.

Thank you for helping me

I when first saw my guardian angel with bare eyes , I never believed in angels but how and what happened could never have been revealed to me if i would not have met Ms.Kirti Handa. She guided me and made me believe in what I actually saw,provoking me to learn more about angels, today after having angelic readings and therapy being conducted under Ms. Kirti , I have been able to get my path clear about career and life and have been able to live a positive life and taking her as my idol I have been doing therapies , having only her guide me through them as well.

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